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Clubs petition for bigger say

Football clubs will demand more representation in the Zifa assembly at the next indaba which is set for the end of the month.

Report by Staff Writer

Zifa is set to revisit its statues, a move that is likely to weed out shadowy organisations such as beach football and five- aside football, as the current board moves to consolidate its stay ahead of the next elections.

Also facing the axe are councilors who in the current set up have a bigger say on who wins the mandate to administer football in Zimbabwe.

A source within Zifa told IndependentSport that councilors and some organisations are likely to lose voting rights once new statutes are formed and implemented.

“Some of these councilors are semi-illiterate and they do not help the game in any way,” said the source. “Such cases will be revisited, as well as some organisations like beach football, should they be under Zifa, where are they? what are they doing? The same applies to five-aside, we do not have it in the provinces and in that case should they be part for the assembly?”

The current board is also faced with the problem of clubs who are demanding more representation.

The Castle Lager Premier Soccer League clubs want a 16-member representation and Division One clubs are saying if the PSL gets its way they will also make such demands.

The meeting is likely to be explosive and already there is jostling among the targeted groups to maintain their stay in the assembly.
The current board members face a stern challenge for their positions in elections that will be held at the beginning of 2014, after costly boobs that have seen two national junior teams fail to travel for important qualifiers.

Their Asiagate investigation which has since claimed players and officials through various bans, will also be crucial to their ambitions in the election.

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