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Camelbags Trading sued for US$80 000 worth of property

A FORMER director of an Innscor Africa associate company is suing Camelbags Trading, another associate company, and its directors for fraudulently misrepresenting facts, which led to the attachment of property worth over US$80 000 and earnings after the winding up of operations of the business.

According to papers filed at the High Court under case number HC/12, Adrian Moyo, a former director of Yellow Corn Trading, is suing Camelbags Trading, Head of Spar Evan Christophides, Spar finance director Tineyi Mandengu and Innscor CEO Tom Brown for almost US$1,5 million.

Yellow Corn and Camelbags are associate Innscor companies.
Moyo accuses Innscor Africa through Camelbags Trading of attaching all his movable property over non-payment of a US$180 000 debt, which he never received.

In the court papers, Moyo says on January 25 2010, he signed an acknowledgement of debt in the presence of Christophides who assured him he would be forwarded the US$180 000 from Innscor Africa.

Moyo states that even though he had not received the money from either Innscor or Christophides, he received a letter of demand from Camelbags basing their claim on the fact he had signed the acknowledgement of debt.

Camelsbag won the case in the High Court under HC 5620/11 and Moyo’s property was attached.

Innscor says that it never released any funds to Camelbags. Moyo accuses Christophides of making him sign the acknowledgement of debt knowing fully well there was no arrangement for them to receive money from Innscor.

Moyo wants payment of US$1,07 million on lost earnings plus interest, US$81 838 for the property, which was attached, US$68 000 for bank interest charges accrued, US$180 000 for defamation, interest on all the other amounts calculated at 5% per annum from September 2011 to date in full and final payments and cost of suit on an attorney-client scale, including 10% collection.

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