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Zanu PF ‘keen on 10 issues’

ZANU PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo has vehemently denied his party has demanded 266 changes to the Copac draft, insisting that the former liberation movement was only keen on about 12 critical issues, including sexual rights, dual citizenship, presidential powers, role of traditional chiefs, running mates and the prosecuting authority.
The proposed alterations were last week explained to Zanu PF MPs during a caucus at the party’s headquarters. The MPs are expected to present the amendments at the forthcoming stakeholders’ conference expected later this month.


“The bulk of the so-called 266 changes are just grammatical corrections such as commas and full stops, otherwise we just have over 10 issues that we want incorporated into the Copac draft constitution,” said Gumbo. He warned the Copac draft would be taken to a referendum only if Zanu PF amendments were incorporated. — Staff Writer.

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