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Polls show scope of the challenge facing Romney

HEADING into his first debate with Democratic President Barack Obama on Wednesday, Republican Mitt Romney has some convincing to do.
Report by Reuters

During the next five weeks – and three debates – Romney will make an appeal to voters aimed at overcoming an Obama campaign that has outflanked his own for much of the past four months. Romney enters the final sprint to the November 6 election behind in national polls and trailing in most of the nine or so politically divided “swing” states that are likely to decide the election.

Just as important, Romney trails Obama among likely voters on a broad array of issues and personal ratings that reflect the scope of the challenge Romney faces in trying to come from behind and snatch the presidency from the Democratic incumbent.

A series of Reuters/Ipsos tracking polls through Sunday indicated Obama has 7-point leads over Romney on separate questions about which candidate would best handle the economy and who could create more jobs, even though Romney has made his business experience as the head of a private equity firm the centerpiece of his campaign.

Obama held double-digit leads on who would do better on taxes, 45% to 34%, and on dealing with the Social Security retirement program for seniors, 44% to 29%.

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