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Stereotyping people always backfires

IN response to “Mugabe Jamaica comments ill-advised” (Zimbabwe Independent, September 14), my question is if Jamaica is a nation of lazy drunkards perennially hooked on marijuana why does such a tiny island produce so many influential people at the global stage?
President Robert Mugabe’s comments are truly unfortunate and inaccurate.

Jamaicans like Bob Marley stood by Zimbabwe in its bid to attain Independence from colonial rule through the music Mugabe now excoriates Jamaicans for, while people like Marcus Garvey were at the forefront in the push for the total emancipation of African countries.

Ironically, Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, comes from Jamaica as well as a host of highflyers at the recent London Olympics.

If anything, Zimbabweans are the lazy ones, failing to garner a single medal at the Olympics while the Jamaicans, a nation of  a mere 2,7 million people, got 12 medals.

Stereotyping is never a good thing, particularly amongst black people considering the discrimination we have endured in our tortured history.

Many black people have defied stereotypes which Mugabe is perpetuating and gone on to become successful in various fields.

I condemn stereotyping and think people should be judged as individuals instead of a racial group, religion, nation or gender. We should remember that everybody is unique.


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