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Ministers in massive double-dipping: report

CABINET ministers have been accused of siphoning cash and grabbing vehicles from line parastatals despite receiving the same benefits from central government in a damning preliminary report by the Comptroller and Auditor-General, a cabinet minister has said.

Report by Herbert Moyo
In an interview with the Zimbabwe Independent State Enterprises and Parastatals minister Gorden Moyo said preliminary reports from the Auditor and Comptroller-General’s office on the operations of parastatals for 2011 contains evidence of massive double-dipping in state enterprises by cabinet ministers.

“There is fraud involving ministers and deputy ministers particularly with respect to travelling expenses which they claim from parastatals even though they get the same from Treasury. They even claim vehicles as well and this is double-dipping which contravenes the Public Finance Management Act,” Moyo said.

Although Moyo refused to disclose any names, ministries or details of the irregularities, impeccable sources told this paper that the report showed that the Home Affairs, Transport and Mines and Water ministries were among those allegedly involved in commandeering fuel and cars from the Central Mechanical Equipment Department.

Moyo condemned the ministers’ behaviour saying it undermines the work his ministry has been undertaking to make State Enterprises and Parastatals profitable through policies premised on good corporate governance and restructuring under a turnaround framework adopted in 2010.  His revelations come after his recent presentation to cabinet suggesting parastatals have been performing dismally with the majority making losses amounting to millions of dollars in 2011 due to under-capitalisation, high overheads and lack of customer confidence.

Moyo said his ministry would not spare any efforts to deal with the culprits and would engage President Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and the Anti-Corruption Commission over the matter.

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