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Militias now a monster Zanu PF can’t control

ZANU PF has created a Frankenstein monster in the militia gangs Chipangano and the so-called “Mandimbandimba”, which they are now finding hard to control.
These thugs are now turning on their handlers, attacking them in broad daylight as the case of the beating up of Zanu PF official Itai Badze illustrates.
They have become a law unto themselves and even the police don’t dare confront them at the commuter omnibus ranks. The commuter omnibuses owned by police officers pay obeisance to the touts, otherwise they are denied passage.

While Zanu PF had created these gangs for their purposes, they should realise that they are now a powder keg waiting to explode in their faces.

They are becoming so powerful, they have become a mafia of sorts and Zanu PF could soon be on the receiving end of their brute force.

What would stop these militia from demanding “protection” fees from households since they are already doing it to privately-owned commuter omnibuses to which they have no entitlement?

Ordinary people, victimised by these thugs and getting no protection from the police, will be forced to form vigilante groups to defend themselves. The façade of  peace and tranquility we claim to have will be finally broken down.

Government should awaken to this shocking reality and bring order and sanity to the transport sector as well as market stalls such as Mupedzanhamo.

Otherwise, the whole city of Harare, and indeed the nation, will soon be enveloped by these gangs.

D Musonza,

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