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CIO partially controls Sino-Zim

IN the final instalment of the latest Global Witness report, Financing A Parallel Government? which makes interesting revelations about Chiadzwa, the report identifies more companies controlled wholly or partially by members of the Zimbabwe intelligence service.

The report sheds light on activities unfolding at Marange diamond fields, detailing who is involved and the intricate networks comprising the Chinese and Zimbabwe security forces dealing in diamonds, cotton and property sectors.


GLOBAL Witness has seen no evidence to suggest the Central Intellegence Organistion (CIO) has any role in Hong Kong company, Sino-Zim Diamond Ltd, nor that the beneficial owners, directors or staff of Sino-Zim Diamonds Ltd, Orient Treasure International Trading, or Samicor had any knowledge of any CIO involvement in Sino-Zimbabwe Development.


Eighty percent of Sino-Zim Diamond Ltd is owned by MIL Company Ltd, also registered in Hong Kong at 27/F, 8 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong. The two directors of MIL Company Ltd are Lo Fung Hong of the Queensway syndicate and Moshe Hallak, an Israeli citizen.  Hallak is also a director of five other companies registered in Hong Kong: Moshe International, Worldpro Development, Shine Star, Time Express, and LLD Asia.

Four of these are owned by a variety of BVI-registered entities.  The fifth, LLD Asia, is wholly owned by LLD Diamonds Ltd, registered in Israel.


The other director of LLD Asia is Moshe Leviev, Lev Leviev’s brother. Global Witness has seen no evidence to suggest that Moshe Hallak, Moshe Leviev or Lev Leviev, or any staff or directors of their companies, were aware of the role of the CIO in Sino-Zimbabwe Development.

MIL Company Ltd is in turn owned by two companies registered in the British Virgin Islands: Alero Ltd and Goal Achieve Holdings Ltd. The registered address for Alero Ltd is Drake Chambers, Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

The registered address for Goal Achieve Holdings Ltd is PO Box 957, Offshore Incorporations Centre, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands. Goal Achieve Holdings Limited’s company number is 1511954, and it was incorporated on 28 November 2008, by Offshore Incorporations Limited, a company formation agent.

Sino-Zim Development Pvt Ltd
The other 20% of Sino-Zim Diamond Ltd (Hong Kong) is owned by Sino-Zim Development Pvt Ltd, registered in Singapore. The directors of this Singaporean company are: Masimba Ignatius Kamba, Lo Fong Hung, and Alain Fanaie.  Kamba gives his registered address as 7th Floor, Chester House, Corner of 3rd Street and Speke Ave, Harare. Fanaie is CEO of China Sonangol, another of the Queensway syndicate companies. It should be noted that Fanaie joined in late 2011, after the events described in this report. There is nothing to suggest that Fanaie was aware that  Kamba was a member of the CIO, or aware of the role of the CIO in Sino-Zimbabwe Development Pvt Ltd or Sino-Zimbabwe Development Pvt Ltd.

There is one record of a financial transfer between the Singaporean and Zimbabwean companies, further evidence of a link between the two companies.

According to the 2009 accounts of Sino-Zim Development Pvt Ltd on November 16 2009 US$50 million was deposited into the Zimbabwean bank accounts of Sino-Zim Development Pvt Ltd (the Singaporean company), to be held in trust for Sino-Zimbabwe Development (Pvt) Ltd, the Zimbabwean company. This sum of money is not mentioned in the 2010 accounts of Sino-Zimbabwe Development Pvt Ltd. Otherwise the Singaporean company was dormant in 2010.

British Virgin Islands
Sino-Zimbabwe Development Pvt Ltd is owned by Strong Achieve Holdings Ltd (30%) and Star Delight Holdings Ltd (70%), both registered in the British Virgin Islands, also at PO Box 957, Offshore Incorporations Centre, Road Town, Tortola. The memorandum of association for Sino-Zimbabwe Development Pvt Ltd states that Lo is the authorised signatory for Star Delight Holdings, and Kamba is the authorised signatory for Strong Achieve Holdings. Strong Achieve Holdings has company number 1525656, and was incorporated on March 23 2009 by Offshore Incorporations Limited.

The fact that Kamba, someone who Global Witness believes is a member of the CIO, is the authorised signatory leads us to believe that the company is partially or wholly controlled by the Zimbabwean CIO.

Star Delight Holdings is ultimately owned by companies in the Queensway syndicate (China International Fund, Dayuan International Development, New Bright International Development) and Lo Fong Hung and Veronica Fung Yuen. Star Delight Holdings has company number 1532737, and was incorporated on May 21 2009, again by Offshore Incorporations Limited.

Lev Leviev and Queensway syndicate
Leviev is a diamond magnate well known for helping to break De Beers’ hold on the diamond market, particularly through his interests in the Angolan and Namibian diamond sectors.


The US-China Economic & Security Review Commission’s report on the Queensway syndicate, describes how Lev Leviev’s companies purchased 10% of a Queensway syndicate company, Artfield Group Limited, and sold several New York properties to China Sonangol, including the old JP Morgan building on Wall Street. In May 2011 Leviev sold his 18% stake in Alrosa Co Ltd’s Catoca diamond mine in Angola to China Sonangol.

Although Eliezer Nefussy, Grant Rau, Eli Sher, Moshe Hallak, Moshe Leviev are associated with Lev Leviev’s companies, there is no evidence that they or Lev Leviev had any contact with Zimbabwe’s CIO, nor that they had knowledge of off-budget financing provided by Sam Pa to the CIO, or knowledge of the presence of CIO members as directors of Sino-Zimbabwe Development.

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