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Let’s take Freedom House survey with pinch of salt

THE Freedom House survey carried out by South African political analyst Susan Booysen and the Mass Public Opinion Institute in June and July this year has raised eyebrows as to its veracity.
Based on a sample of 1 198 adult Zimbabweans, the survey concluded that backing for MDC-T plummeted from 38% in 2010 to 20% this year while that for Zanu PF grew from 17% to 31% over the same period.
While it is possible for Zanu PF to recover lost ground as far as support is concerned, the report did not satisfactorily explain how and why this had allegedly happened.
In my view Zanu PF has not done any momentous deeds which would warrant such a surge in popularity.
The survey claims Zanu PF has suddenly become popular on the strength of “clearly enunciated policies of land reform, indigenisation and preventing foreign interference in Zimbabwe”, something which they have been propounding since 2000.
Who can forget the mantra “Land is the economy and the economy is land!” which was being repeated ad nauseam on state radio and TV since 2000?
“The survey results clearly show Zanu PF has crafted for itself a number of effective election and party choice platforms,” reads the survey.
It reminds me of the poll conducted by University of Zimbabwe lecturer, Joseph Kurebwa, in 2008 which projected President Robert Mugabe getting between 56-57% of the vote in the presidential elections.
According to the poll MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai would come second with 26–27% while independent presidential candidate Simba Makoni would be third with 13%.
Kurebwa had said among other reasons, Mugabe would win as he was also seeking change like the MDC through empowerment.
Kurebwa and Mugabe, however, were disabused of that notion on election day.
No wonder politburo member Jonathan Moyo was guarded in his response to the survey. Once bitten twice shy!

Jeff Rudende,

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