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Fay Chung blasts inclusive govt

FORMER Cabinet minister Fay Chung has strongly criticised the failure by the inclusive government to solve a plethora of economic problems stalking the country, saying Zanu PF and the MDC formations were equally entrenched in “self-enrichment, corruption and power struggles”.

Report by Brian Chitemba

Commenting on the Freedom House survey which showed Zanu PF gained support by 31% up from 17% while MDC-T popularity plunged to 20% from 38%, Chung said both parties have abjectly failed to address key issues affecting ordinary Zimbabweans.

Rushing to elections to choose a new government, according to Chung, would not solve the problems since the unity government partners were not facing up to the real challenges facing the country.

She said Zanu PF was popular because of land reform and indigenisation while the MDC-T was unpopular due to its links with its Western donors, but the parties were trapped in the same gravy train and had a penchant for luxuries.

Chung was dismayed the inclusive government claims to be broke while ministers enjoy luxuries such as Mercedes Benzes and SUVs. The high cost of foreign travelling which topped US$157 million in the past four years and US$45m blown by Copac in hotel bills and car hire was an indication of the rot in the inclusive government, she added.


“Amazingly, we are cutting the amount we spend on infrastructure. The 20% which was supposed to be invested into infrastructure has been cut to 11%, that is, from US$800m to US$374m. What a disgrace!” said the former Education minister. “Only US$49,74m was invested on energy and power development, yet electricity is essential not only for the growing of wheat, but also for industrialisation.” Chung expressed concern over failure by the inclusive government to ensure food security in recent years, urging the coalition partners to prioritise agriculture.

She also suggested a slash of the 235 000 civil service by 15% over the next two to three years so money could be channelled towards agriculture and industrial production.

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