Zhuwawo to participate in men’s marathon


Staff Writer

MARATHON runners Cuthbert Nyasango and Wirimai Zhuwawo will tomorrow put a lid on Zimbabwe’s participation at the London 2012 Olympics when they take part in the men’s marathon, marking an end to a two-week debacle for the country.
Little is expected from the duo, and in fact once swimming star Kirsty Coventry failed to win a medal in the 200m backstroke, Zimabwe’s fate was sealed.
Nyasanago and Zhuwawo would have to cause a major upset if they are to make it to the podium.


If they can break their personal records, they would have achieved much.

But once the closing ceremony is conducted and team Zimbabwe is back home, further scrutiny into the calamity should be conducted and the Zimbabwe Olympic Committee headed by Admire Masenda must face the firing squad.
Many questions beg answers, like why Zimbabwe took 18 officials to accompany seven athletes.

The lack of impact has been difficult to stomach for many especially  after Zimbabwe got seven medals in the previous two editions, thanks to Coventry.

Unfortunately for ZOC, another genuine medal hopeful Ngoni Makusha, who would have participated in the men’s 200m sprint and long jump, failed to make the games owing to a late injury.

Still that will not vindicate ZOC which produced just seven athletes for the Games, with failures at swimming and tennis where there was potential.

Despite her talents, Coventry was an unlikely candidate for a medal considering her age as well as setbacks in her preparations that were plagued by injuries and illness.