Holistic approach needed to stem economic slide

IN response to the story, “RBZ’s governance structures weak” (Zimbabwe Independent, Friday July 13), I posit that we have a weak corporate governance culture across the board in this country.
The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has no moral authority to supervise anyone after they presided over the collapse of the currency and the economy. The government of Zimbabwe also has no moral authority on any matter because they don’t have the mandate of the Zimbabwean people.
The police and other law enforcement agencies, including Zimbabwe Revenue Authority, are enforcing laws created by a government with no moral authority. Politicians, not the people, formed a government of national unity which only serves to unify them and not the people.
Look at what is happening at the Chiadzwa diamond fields where gems are being mined by the army for and on behalf of Zanu PF.
Why then should we focus solely on the National Social Security Authority and the RBZ when the malaise prevails everywhere? If we want to address these issues, we need to take a holistic approach.
Let’s clean up our act first. We need to elect a proper government and then enforce just and sensible laws.
Right now there is a looting-spree across the whole economy because the perpetrators see these as the last days of their regime.

Chenai Chipikiri,