Volsec a dynamic security company

VOLSEC Security is a dynamic company with talented and experienced professionals making up the core of the business. By working in partnership with you, we provide a service that will keep you and your property safe whilst adhering to your requirements and objectives.Volsec was established in 2009 with the sole purpose of providing an excellent security service to clients at highly competitive rates.
We offer guard services, electronic security systems, cash-in-transit security and guard monitoring systems. Below are the services we have on offer:
Cash-in-transit (CIT)
Volsec is the second security company in Zimbabwe to import bullet-proof armoured vehicles. Volsec Security’s Armoured Division (Cash-in-Transit) plays a crucial role in the economy by moving valuables such as cash securities, bullion and other financial instruments on behalf of corporates and individuals.
Volsec spent years researching improved ways of securing CIT. To demonstrate its ability in this domain, the company has acquired new vehicles which are fully armoured. This is in addition to an already existing pool of vehicles.
In addition to the armoured vehicle, we safely carry cash and bullion to and from designated areas, using cash caddy shock brief cases. These are modern electronic cash boxes. The briefcase is a shock ejector, which produces a very noisy ear-piercing siren, which attracts unwanted attention and a non-lethal 50 000 volt shock as deterrent, in the event that the briefcase is snatched from the security detail.
Static guards
They are deployed at strategic and sensitive areas and are equipped to perform key security functions including:

  • Gate operation and access control
  • Verification of identity
  • Anti-sabotage checks and vehicle inspection
  • Security of materials and movement control
  • Anti-theft and anti-pilferage checks
  • Guarding of vital installations
  • Protection of offices, equipment and buildings
  • Static surveillance and intelligence gathering
  • Guarding of cash and valuables
  • Traffic control and parking protection
  • Security and protection of IT assets and infrastructure
  • Staff escorts
  • Public relations

We have also introduced the Volsec domestic guard, who will only arrive at premises at times that households are most vulnerable. The guard works for eight hours at night, thus making the whole service more affordable for domestic customers.
Roving guards
These roam around checking for break- ins. Our roving guards play a key role in preventing and minimising damage by early detection, assessing and reporting potentially hazardous conditions such as:

  • Break-ins
  • Fire or other hazards
  • Chemical spills
  • Unhealthy conditions
  • Accidents

Since cameras cannot be set up at every location, this is where roving guards come in to help with area surveillance.
Armed guards
Both static and roving guards can be unarmed or armed. The presence of a firearm can deter a potential robber or attacker. For us to deploy an armed guard we normally consider the location to be covered; for example how vulnerable it is to armed robbers. All our armed guards are trained in firearms and undergo refresher courses at the range to maintain and improve their shooting skills.
Dog services
Guard dogs are relevant in areas where there is need:

  • To protect huge open areas
  • To patrol areas with a restricted line-of-sight (large construction projects, warehouses, transport yards, theme parks, golf courses).
  • For areas too dangerous for security guards alone (gang-related problems, underground parking, high crime areas etc).
  • For protection of persons and property under threat.

Volsec Security undercover service
We offer undercover security guards to man areas suspected of pilferage or fraudulent behaviour among staff members.
Our skilled staff are incorporated into the workplace in such a way that their real identity is never known; thus, they can freely mingle with the client’s personnel and point out vulnerable areas. They are able to identify and report on all possible criminal activity, commercial and industrial stock loss, and breaches of company and safety regulations. These discreet investigations are passed on to management via concise reports giving an accurate picture of the activities of dishonest employees. Our investigators also make management aware of time-keeping abuse, unsatisfactory conduct, sabotage and employee attitudes.
We do not only identify your problem; we offer solutions through our proven analytical methodologies and many years of experience. Agents are placed inside the organisation as normal workers and they can be employed as drivers, cashiers, cleaners, administrative and general workers.
They integrate themselves with other workers. Our skilled investigators are trained to gather information analysed by our handlers and presented to the client with our recommendations relating to systems and procedures
Intruder alarm system
Alarm installation differs from one premises to another, and because of that we recommend a detailed site assessment by one of our well-trained technicians.
Volsec offers state-of-the-art alarm systems. Our systems cover domestic residence to complex industrial sites. Our alarm systems come with a warranty from the suppliers and Volsec Security (Zimbabwe) offers back-up and maintenance.
Rapid response
Volsec also offers rapid response, whereby we remotely monitor your alarm system and link it to our rapid response control room. Whenever it trips, our reaction team will be alerted and will immediately and appropriately respond within a specified period to check for intrusion.
Closed circuit television (CCTV)
Volsec Security installs CCTV to areas in need of constant monitoring. CCTV systems may operate continuously or only as required. We have more advanced CCTV, which utilises Digital Video Recorders, which provide recording for many years, with a variety of quality and performance options and extra features (such as motion-detection).
A site assessment has to be done before we can determine how it will be installed. We have a team of well-trained technicians who will advise on the right way to position cameras for maximum effectiveness.
Access control
Access control refers to security features that control access: it can be entry to offices, access to a building or where an employer wants to pay workers according to hours worked and to track staff movements. This is a very reliable system that shows time spent in the work place by the employee. Volsec Security offers suitable products that match specific requirements.
Access systems would use any of the following types, depending on options.

  • Use of a code
  • Use of a tag
  • Use of biometrics (finger print etc)

Guard monitoring system
Volsec Security guard monitoring is used to track and monitor sensitive, security risk areas which need constant checking. An electronic button, which is linked to our control room, is placed around the perimeter of risk areas.
A security personnel looking after that place is equipped with a guard patrol baton that he/she uses on the clocking points at regular intervals during patrol.
The baton stores information on the times and areas clocked and the information is stored in state-of- the-art electronic circuitry, which can be uploaded into a standard PC (with the system up-loader) for evaluation and reporting.
If a guard sleeps and forgets to clock, an SMS is sent direct to a linked cell phone which maybe the supervisor’s cell phone, a phone call to the control room and to the client if he/she wishes to receive the alerts.