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Safeguard video alarm enhances security, response effectiveness

SAFEGUARD Security’s video alarm is a state-of-the-art security product that enhances the rapid response service by automatically sending video images to Safeguard’s monitoring centre. Wireless and easy to install, it enables staff at Safeguard’s rapid response centre to discover what triggered the alarm and what is happening in the vicinity of the infrared motion detecting sensor.
This enhances the response capability of the reaction team, which can be briefed on the location and appearance of any intruders caught on the video alarm camera while en-route to the property where an alarm has gone off.
Safeguard’s rapid response service is popular for the speed and effectiveness of its response. The additional visual information that video alarm provides enables the response team to know in advance how many intruders to deal with, their arsenal as well as identity.
Video alarm is useful for homes, offices, warehouses, factories, banks, cash offices and virtually anywhere there is need for an alarm and rapid response service.
Although primarily intended to send video clips to Safeguard’s monitoring centre, it can be programmed to send them to the mobile phone or email address of a property owner or occupant.
The video clips can be stored on computer. Images can be downloaded and forwarded to the police or the property owner. These can be printed to assist in apprehension of an intruder, or for use when the suspect is taken to court.
Where several guards are employed to guard large premises such as factories or warehouses, at night or other times when the factory or warehouse is closed,video alarm sensors will help reduce the number of guards by covering segments of the property. Video alarm sensors could be positioned, for instance, opposite areas where vehicles are left parked or equipment is stored.
As with a conventional alarm system, the video alarm has to be programmed for the alarm and video camera to be activated by motion detecting sensors.
Safeguard staff can only see what is happening at the premises when a motion detecting sensor has triggered the alarm, or when the alarm and camera have been activated by someone pressing a panic button.
The panic button facility also makes it possible for video alarm to be used as a protective measure at banks and cash offices during the day when they are open to the public.
A hidden panic button can be pressed by the teller or cashier in the event of an attempted armed robbery. For this type of application, it is preferable to have a silent alarm, so that the alarm can be heard at Safeguard’s monitoring centre and the video clips watched there without an alarm siren alerting the robbers.
The video clips transmitted by video alarm will enable monitoring centre staff to see what is going on at the bank or cash office and, if an armed robbery is taking place, enable the centre to call the police and describe the scene to them, in addition to briefing the Safeguard response team.
Video alarm has already proved its worth at a number of places where it is installed. On one occasion the response team was able to identify staff working at the premises as the culprits as a result of the descriptions of the men filmed breaking into a locked garage and removing goods.
Video alarm can save on costs because it can replace security guards, is easy to install and does not depend on mains electricity, as it is wireless and battery-operated. The battery life is two years, which makes it reliable. Power failure is the Achilles’ heel of most security systems.
The video alarm system is available for hire or purchase from Safeguard. It can be integrated with an existing alarm system.
It provides video clips of crime in progress. Above all, it increases security to optimum levels, particularly when combined with Safeguard’s rapid response service which is the widest and probably most effective in the country.

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