Guard-Alert: Diversified security solutions

GUARD-Alert Group is a diversified security group comprising four companies, namely Guard-Alert (Pvt) Ltd, Guard-Alert Electronics (Pvt) Ltd, Sectra (Pvt) Ltd and Armsec (Pvt) Ltd. Formed in 1977, the group has a wealth of experience in all aspects of security and strives to be at the cutting edge of innovation. Guard-Alert (Pvt) Ltd provides manned security to both residential and commercial properties. Sectra, the training institution, provides training in aggression and obedience for dogs and expert training for guards. Armsec, the armed guards division of the company, provides well-trained armed guards and is also an expert in the provision of security for cash, bullion and other valuables in transit.
Guard-Alert Electronics offers a range of electronic security products such as rapid response, access control, electric fence installation and Close-circuit television (CCTV), among other products.
When one talks of the best manned security providers, Guard-Alert comes to mind. With more than 34 years of experience, Guard-Alert has perfected its guard training and monitoring systems to ensure duties are executed to best standards.
Constant supervision and checks on guards by security officers and managers, day and night is carried out, ensuring guards at the designated places are alert and executing their duties as per the client’s instructions. The guards are trained through Sectra.
They are also well-vetted through police clearance procedures, ensuring honest guards with no criminal record and who are value-for-money.
To enhance security at guarded premises, the guard on duty can be equipped with a dog and a panic button as additional security measures. The panic button is one of the products offered by Guard-Alert Electronics.
Panic button
When faced by a burglar, the guard on duty presses the panic button which immediately transmits a signal to the 24-hour-manned control room.
The control room immediately phones a designated number supplied by the client to find the cause of the alarm. If no suitable explanation is forthcoming, a reaction team is urgently dispatched to the premises to investigate.
It is reassuring that when the panic button is pressed, help is just a few minutes away. All this is done to ensure security of the premises as well as peace of mind.
Guard-Alert Electronics is up-to-date with the latest technological advances that ensure total electronic security for clients. It also offers a range of other electronic security solutions like CCTV which allow monitoring of premises on camera while off-site, and securing the perimeter of premises with an electric fence.
The provision of access control systems to restrict or control entry in and out of premises is also one of the products provided. The electronic security division also installs electric fencing, with the strands going from the ground up or installed on top of perimeter walls, enhancing perimeter security at the premises.
Armsec is the company which provides armed protection for the transportation of bullion, cash and valuables at 20 branches throughout the country. With the use of special vehicles and personnel specially trained in the use of firearms, the customer can feel at ease knowing their valuables are well protected.
Firearm deterrent
The provision of armed guards is also Armsec’s strength for cases where clients may require added security at their premises. The presence of a firearm will deter dangerous criminals who might be tempted to invade company premises.
Sectra (Pvt) Ltd, gives a value-added service for dog owners when they travel, giving them peace of mind.
The dog training division of the company, which offers boarding facilities for dogs, has revamped the package by including email updates sent daily to the dog owner on the welfare of their dog(s).
In addition, Sectra also sends the latest photograph of the dog, giving the traveller an ability to assess their dog’s well-being while away.
The dog-training division also offers excellent training facilities for obedience and aggression for dogs guarding residential, industrial, commercial and household properties. The dogs are taken through training for 21 days.
The training is not just restricted to dogs but also extends to dog-handlers, who are trained for the same period, giving a complete training package.
The Guard- Alert group has been providing household and commercial security throughout Zimbabwe for over 33 years. Guard-Alert is a founder member of the Security Association of Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwe Institute of Security.