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It’s not about Mugabe’s health

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe recently lambasted his critics for suggesting that he is plagued by ill health and was unfit to rule the country, saying he was actually healthier than some of them.
On the contrary, Mugabe said, he was as fit as a fiddle.
“I am not frail. I am really strong and I am enjoying good health,” Mugabe said.
This is well and good and I congratulate him for remaining fit as he claims despite his advanced age. His being fit is, however, no justification for him to impose himself on the electorate.
At 88 Mugabe cannot still have the aptitude and acumen to take this nation forward, particularly in a globalised world. Mugabe and leaders of his generation are still steeped in the Cold War era paradigm and are thus ill-equipped to tackle the realities of this age.
While the Mugabes, Raul Castros and North Korean leaders of this world remain in the trenches, the rest of the world has moved on and developed synergies between north and south as well as east and west.
Mugabe continues to harp on about the past while  young leaders such as Nigeria’s Goodluck Jonathan and US President Barack Obama are interacting with their respective citizens via social networking forums like Facebook and Twitter in coming up with solutions to their nations’ ills.
With all due respect I don’t see Mugabe coming up with solutions to challenges this nation faces such as the energy crisis, food shortages, global warming, water woes, liquidity crunch among others.
Zimbabwe currently does not even  have a currency or an airline which we had before Independence in 1980. Only a young leader with new ideas can take us back to the glory days where our currency was at par with the US dollar.
Ultimately it is not a question of Mugabe’s health but of whether he can still deliver at close to 90 years old. Clearly that would be a big ask!

Jethro Chibvongodze,

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