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Hino expands its footprint in Africa

Hino recognises the key to trucking efficiency and minimal downtime lies in offering truck users excellent parts and service back-up and this can only be achieved through an appointed Hino truck distributor who matches agreed standards. Hino trucks will encounter harsh operating conditions in Africa which amplifies the need for parts and service to be available across the continent. Trained technicians, information bulletins and special tools are all part of a high-quality standard package that goes with an official Hino truck dealership linked to Toyota’s distribution system.

Hino trucks are no strangers to Africa where they have been operating as truck market leaders for over 39 years in southern Africa. Since their first appearance in 1973, with 181 models sold that year, more than 50 000 Hino trucks have been sold in the southern African region. Many more new and grey imports have also entered the shores of this territory.
The new generation Hino 300 Series trucks are medium-duty 4×2 models and engineered in right and left-hand drive configurations to match African requirements. The versatile Hino 300 series truck range can be equipped with a variety of body types, from open-deck freight carrier to van body and tipper applications.

Acquiring a truck is an investment in a transport solution. This specialist advice is again only possible through trained Hino sales staff operating under an appointed distributor/dealer franchise. Hino trucks are expected to last well over 10 years in service. Here is the commitment to customers that goes with a Hino franchise –– Hino is there for the long haul in Africa: the right truck for the right job, parts, service, expertise and a truck brand recognised for QDR –– Quality, Durability and Reliability.

Trucking technology must be appropriate to the environment in which it operates. Africa is no exception to this requirement. Hino’s vast range of trucks will suit the requirements of the African countries in which they will operate.

Right-hand-drive countries will see expansion of the Hino 300 Series from two to seven models. The full 300 Series range will now have air conditioning as standard with the only exception being two narrow-cab models. It is proven that air-conditioning enhances truck driver productivity while increasing on-road safety by minimising driving fatigue. Drivers will also appreciate the inclusion of an FM/AM radio and CD player as standard equipment.

Fuel economy, durability and reliability are built into all Hino diesel engines which have been specially chosen for adaptation to differing diesel fuel specifications in Africa. The 300 Series models are fitted with Hino’s four-cylinder, 4,0 litre WO4D normally aspirated (Euro 1 specification) or turbo-intercooled diesel (Euro 2 specification) engines depending on the specific gross vehicle mass  models. The turbo-intercooled version is particularly suited to high altitude operations where consistent power is required to match the task imposed on trucks operating at maximum mass on severe grades.

All 300 Series Hino trucks are equipped with drum brakes all round and a dual-circuit, power-assisted, hydraulic braking system –– should one circuit fail the other is protected to maintain braking force. Front and rear drum brakes are also most suitable for any off-road condition. Every model is also equipped with an engine exhaust brake –– this allows for additional retardation via the engine on down-grades where the brakes do not have to be used to remain cool and efficient in the event of an emergency. An exhaust brake also promotes the service life of brake linings.

To top it all every Hino is equipped with a load-sensing valve on the rear axle. This device senses the load imposed on the rear axle and permits braking pressure according to the load, reducing the chance of wheel lock-up and skidding when the truck is empty and minimal braking force is needed.

The range-topping Hino 300 Series model 913 is specially equipped with 170-litre fuel capacity as this 8 500kg GVM truck is most often placed into challenging long-distance service in Africa. The balance of the 300 Series range is fitted with tank capacities from 80 to 100 litres depending on GVM class and application to local distribution services. Every fuel tank has a lockable fuel cap.

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