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Kagame poll rival arrested

This unfortunate development shows the extent to which some within Zanu PF’s ranks are prepared to go in their bid to retain power.


Violence is evidently still an option for a party which has lost the popular mandate and resorts to brute force to have its way.

The fact that politically-motivated violence continues to rear its ugly head with alarming regularity ahead of elections should concern all peace-loving Zimbabweans.

Clearly Zanu PF intends to erode the gains made since the formation of the inclusive government and wants to take us back to the abyss of the violent 2008 presidential election run-off .

Zanu PF is now in the political departure lounge and it will be naive for anyone to think they will exit the political scene quietly.

The Mudzi attacks have already shown that Zanu PF’s exit will be chaotic like the proverbial last kicks of a dying horse.

They will use all the means at their disposal, both fair and foul, to try to preserve the status quo and keep change at bay.

I, therefore, appeal to cooler heads in Zanu PF to prevail and stop the madness for the sake of the nation.

For us to secure the future we need a progressive mindset to ensure the national interest takes precedence over narrow political interests.

Frank Matandirotya,

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