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‘I wish I had met Roki’

Meanwhile Sunday’s eviction show saw the exit of the Batswana contingent of Eve and Edith after they failed to muster enough votes to stay in the house.
Eve had managed seven country votes, which included that of Zimbabwe, to Ghanaian Keitta’s eight resulting in the latter being upgraded to Upville and the former going home. Sunday ended up being a bitter-sweet day for Eve as it also coincided with her birthday.

Speaking to IndependentXtra on Monday, Eve had no hard feelings about her eviction saying she enjoyed the experience.

“I had a lot of fun every day in the house and I wouldn’t have played the game any differently,” the 25-year old marketing graduate said.

Her only regret lay in not getting the opportunity to interact with Upvillers, primarily Zimbabwean musician Roki with whom she is evidently smitten.
“Ever since I heard Roki’s song Chidzoka, it has been the only song in my mind and I wanted to meet this talented guy,” Eve said.

She ventured to say there was some telepathy of some sort between her and Roki which allowed them to “communicate” even though they were apart.
“We sent some vibes to each other,” Eve asserts, even though they never saw each other in the house.

Meanwhile the Maneta and Roki love-hate relationship is not abating any time soon with yet another altercation between the pair this week.

It seems there is never a dull moment between these two and their latest tiff culminated with Maneta exclaiming: “His arrogance, I want to wipe that smirk off his face. I want to cut off his tongue so that he never speaks again.”

Maneta also claimed that the very sound of Roki’s voice makes her want to stab herself to death.

Roki, on the other hand, claimed that the tension between the two was due to Maneta’s jealousy of Eve and  she was envious of his affection for the evicted Batswana.

“She gets mad at anyone who says the name,” he said.

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