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Mpofu attacks KPCS minority

In an interview with Zimbabwe Independent, Mpofu said he would attend the KPCS meeting in Washington DC confident that plans by some affiliates to smuggle in human rights issues would be quashed by 99% of the members.

He said human rights issues can be “clearly dealt with at the United Nations”.

“Our position as Zimbabwe is very clear,” said Mpofu. “We have adhered to KPCS as we are part of the founding members. We have realised that some countries want to take advantage of the coming meeting to introduce certain measures or issues to do with human rights and transparency which have nothing to do with KP, but a majority of members are uncomfortable with this,” he said.

Mpofu said there was the UN Human Rights Commission, which was better placed to deal with issues of rights violations and any attempts to smuggle them through redefining the KPCS charter would be blocked as decisions are made through consensus.

Rights groups have accused the military of engaging in forced labour, smuggling, beatings and even killings at the Marange diamond fields. Human Rights Watch insisted that during the 2008/2009 period, soldiers went on a rampage throughout Manicaland assaulting people and looting property from terrified villagers, businesspeople and travellers whom they accused of amassing wealth through illegal diamond mining.

Mpofu said a questionnaire sent to all member states by the current chair, the US, seeking a review of the future of the KPCS had an overwhelming response rejecting any changes.

“99% of the respondents are for the current KPCS charter and they indicated that they would not accept any changes to the current charter,” he said.

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