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Breakdowns lower production at Hwange

He was honourable enough to recognise he had done his part and could leave younger, fresher minds to ensure the economy grows. Mozambique faces a lot of challenges but at least the government is not being run by geriatrics. Leaders of the mettle of Chissano do not hold their nations to ransom because they were a part of the liberation movement.

They understand the fact that no political movement or organisation can survive without renewal.  As a result Mozambique’s economy continues to grow whilst Zimbabwe wilts.

President Robert Mugabe’s failed policies have unwittingly boosted the economies of Zimbabwe’s neighbours. The more he chases away tourists and investors the more they flock to other countries and their economies boom.

The powers that be in Zimbabwe need to heed Chissano’s advice for their sake and for the sake of the nation.

Annette Holmes,

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