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Infighting rocks Zanu PF Mash Central

In briefings with the Zimbabwe Independent this week, Zanu PF heavyweights and provincial leadership accused Dinha of reversing the land reform programme, among other things, while Dinha strongly believes there is a concerted effort by politburo members Nicholas Goche and Saviour Kasukuwere to push him out of office.    

Those against Dinha insist that it is because he is not working well with other provincial leaders and party bigwigs in the province. But the main reason for the fallout, they said, was “he (Dinha) is anti-people and is working against Zanu PF’s ideals”, by repossessing land from those who benefited from the land reform programme, while those close to Dinha believe that he is being punished for being too close to President Robert Mugabe.

Dinha confirmed he was being de-campaigned but said he preferred dialogue with those after his head.

“I confirm that I have reports alleging hat I am being decampaigned by political elements in districts and at political gatherings,” he said.

“As governor for Mashonaland Central I am amenable to dialogue and peaceful resolution of political problems, be they personality clashes, land-related or arising from perceptions that I am an emerging political threat to certain parochial interests. I am not a saint or an angel; where I err my political gurus have a right to simply call me for dialogue, not to stab me in the back.”

However, Goche said all they were concerned about was the manner in which the land issue was being handled.

“I am not fighting him. I have no reason to fight him. What we are concerned about is the way the land issue is being handled,” Goche said.

“He knows that I have been working with him but I find there are stories in the media. I have no personal grudges against him. What we want is the land issue to be handled properly. We are going towards elections and we do not want any destabilisation of the people who are properly settled.

“I don’t want to discuss issues in the media but at an appropriate forum in Mashonaland Central,” Goche said.

At a meeting in Bindura with Goche and Kasukuwere, some chiefs complained that they had not benefited from the land reform programme. Political commissar for Zanu PF’s Mazowe’s District Coordinating Committee Dugmore Chimukoko said people in his district wanted Dinha out because he was a “sell-out who doesn’t respect the will of the people”.

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