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Securocrats panic as change is on horizon

Chedondo said: “A national defence force the world over is there to protect the national politics, national integrity, the executive and other systems that form part of the government.”

“By virtue of this, defence forces automatically become a political animal,” he added.

Chedondo further estranged the defence forces from the people of Zimbabwe by saying it was only there to protect the executive and other systems that form part of government.

Chedondo also unwittingly claimed that the rank and file soldiers support Zanu PF.

While it is true that the army and police top brass mainly support Zanu PF, the majority of the soldiers do not support the dying party.

Chedondo should just take a brief look at the election results of 2008 to see where the political tide is turning.

As the people of Zimbabwe, we have no qualms with securocrats openly supporting Zanu PF.  However, they must remove their army and police uniforms and participate in politics without using the name of security forces to intimidate defenceless people.

Chedondo, like other senior army officers, is clearly afraid of the new Zimbabwe that is beckoning hence his attempt to cow the people into submission.
He claims that he joined the liberation struggle in order for the people to be free but we all know that there is not much freedom to talk about.

Any opposition to the status quo is brutally crushed and people continue to be arrested on flimsy pretexts. The much talked-about proceeds from the Chiadzwa diamond mines are not finding their way to the people, especially the civil servants.

Chedondo’s statements are an indication that the senior securocrats are cagey about change that is about to take place in Zimbabwe and will use every trick at their disposal to try to halt the process.

Agrippa Zvomuya,

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