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Chambers who was in the country for the Harare International Festival of the Arts (Hifa) held a show with Prudence Katomeni-Mbofana after the festival.

The duo performed at a reception hosted by Canadian Ambassador to Zimbabwe Lisa Stadelbauer at her residence in Chisipite.

Chambers wowed guests when he impressively played the Zimbabwean national anthem, fusing it with a few Canadian notes.

The highlight of the performance was however when he played his country’s national anthem, fusing it with Oliver Mtukudzi’s Ndotangira Poyi.

Chambers is a self-taught instrumentalist based in Toronto Canada.

He is renowned globally over as one of the best gospel pianists.

Chambers said he started playing the piano at the age of three.

“My elder sisters were taking piano lessons and I got inspiration from the challenges they encountered,” said Chambers.

“I developed much faster and I can play music by ear. I can listen to a song just once and I can play it on the piano.”

When Katomeni-Mbofana joined Chambers on stage the audience was kept on the edge of their seats as the duo performed Katomeni-Mbofana’s tracks like Mayayarira, Stronger, Joy and Anenge from her forthcoming album.

Chambers said he had been playing the piano publicly since he was seven years old.

“I play gospel, jazz, R&B, reggae, classical, pop, country, latin, you name any style. The moment I hear it, I can play it and go on to teach it.”

Chambers is also the creator of the revolutionary “Any Key Music System”, a programme that teaches individuals how to master the art of playing piano “by ear” in one year.

Chambers said he was impressed by Zimbabwean music talent.

“Honestly if I did not have a family back home I would settle here,” he said. “This is a beautiful country and I also love the musical diversity. I also got to learn of instruments like the mbira which initially I thought was a drum.”

Speaking at the performance Katomeni-Mbofana said she was honoured to work with Chambers.

“I was shocked at the results after just having communicated with him through email,” she said.

“He brings a certain edge to music; he is immensely talented and I hope we will work together again.”

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