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Mugabe’s staying on betrays struggle

No wonder why our country has remained stagnant and even moved backwards. It is not like we have a monarchy where we have to wait until he dies to find a successor. We need a paradigm shift in our politics and a new political culture where one person cannot be allowed to hold us to ransom for over 30 years.


We cannot continue to rely on Zanu PF merely because they fought in the liberation war. Anybody, regardless of whether they fought in the liberation struggle or not, should be able to be elected as president. It is time to move on, after all Zanu PF has really let the people down.

All their promises during the struggle have not come to pass.

Where is the freedom when people are starving and withoutaccess to decent health care, education, clean water, affordable housing and transport infrastructure?

All they have done, and continue to do, is to enrich themselves. That is not what some of us fought for. It is a complete betrayal of the struggle.


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