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AAG branch defies directive

They presided over the annihilation of our currency, leaving Zimbabweans at square one financially speaking. He was his advisor, after all. If his advice was not being heeded why did he not quit?

He was quietly enjoying the trappings of his position when Gono was the de-facto prime minister. We never heard all this squeling when Gono was implementing government’s failed economic policies. 

Now that Gono’s influence has markedly waned he has decided to take the high road. How convenient!

Kereke is also unwittingly implicating himself in wrongdoing by alleging he authored Gono’s PhD thesis. Why did he not refuse to be used by Gono if he is so principled, as he would want us to believe? I think what they did would be an academic offence if the Atlantic International University was a reputable institution. Fortunately for them it is really not.

Ultimately all this boils down to the fact that Kereke tagged along when Gono was doing all those wrong things. It is only after their fallout that Kereke now feels compelled to go public. For all the things he stands accused of, it is amazing  Kereke has the temerity to continue to point fingers at others. He should be reminded that when one finger points forwards, three point back. 

Some of us are not amused at Kereke’s vain attempt to insult our intelligence. As they say, birds of a feather flock together and there is no separating these two.

Boniface Mhuru,

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