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Disengaging from the constitution-making process is part of Zanu PF’s grand plan to force early elections which Mugabe wants this year with or without a new constitution.

The youth league’s statement seems to be part of a spirited effort to undermine the constitution-making process by Zanu PF diehards working with security chiefs.

The youth leaders told journalists on Wednesday that they would not accept a draft constitution that did not include their party’s position, which they said was the majority view expressed during the Copac outreach meetings.

Zanu PF youth league secretary for indigenisation and economic empowerment Innocent Hamandishe said:  “It (constitution-making process) is depriving us of our democratic right to vote.

“We want to vote for our president. We don’t need the constitution. Otherwise if that US$40 million was channeled to ARVs or something, some of us who are HIV-positive or suffering from cancer could have been cured. This is money wasted.

“We want elections. To hell with the constitution! If people want to deprive us of our democratic right to vote, the next time these people give us another deadline which does not suit us as Zimbabweans, we as the Zanu PF youth league are going to give a deadline of our own and if they fail to meet that deadline, we will force them to disband Copac and we’ll call for elections.”

He added: “We are tired of this marriage of convenience (unity government) and we are tired of this dilly-dallying. We want elections as of yesterday.”

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