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Big Brother: Zim duo up for eviction

This season, instead of housemates nominating each other, Big Brother StarGame features an automated nomination process that is similar to that used on the National Lottery.be using a device which randomly nominates housemates to be put on the block for that particular week. Unfortunately for the Zimbabwean sisters, the machine picked them along with Tanzanians Hilda and Julio.

This clearly did not go down well with the Zimbabwean duo with Teclar crying about how she had left her job and how much she had sacrificed to be in the game  while her sister Maneta could only say it was unfair.

While the housemates entered in twos, their fates, however, are not necessarily tied. A housemate can be evicted while the other remains and ultimately only one housemate can win the US$300 000 prize.

Each of the 14 participating nations are represented by a pair who stay in the Downville section of the house, while there is also an Uppville section peopled by seven celebrity housemates including local musician, Roki. Celebrity housemates include South African model Barbz, Nigerian singer Goldie, Kenyan rapper Prezzo, Zambian singer Mampi, songstress Lady May from Namibia and DKB from Ghana.

Meanwhile Roki seems to have achieved his stated goal of becoming famous, or is it infamous, judging by the responses his fellow Upvillers are making when asked about him.

He has been described as weird, wrong, disturbed and scary. South African, Barbz, even implied that Roki is “smoking something” and is therefore not in his right mind.

Roki counters by saying his fellow housemates are being trivial and do not make an effort to converse with each other.

In his view, he is being misunderstood and the reason why he seems crazy is because he has a problem with his emotions.

Viewers can only vote to keep a nominated housemate in the house and not to evict them. To vote, viewers can choose from three options namely via the website, wapsite or sms. To vote online viewers can log on to www.africamagic.tv/bigbrother register and create a profile. To vote via sms viewers send the word “Vote” followed by the housemate’s name to 33334 for Econet users and 15626 for Netone users.

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