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It’s a Weird World

MDC-T officials say many suggestions have been advanced, including adopting the party list system used by political organisations like the ANC in South Africa, in which officials elected at congress dominate the register.

A senior MDC-T official said yesterday debate was going on and the party would soon choose which proposal to adopt.

“It’s true there is ongoing debate about how we should re-align the new constitution with the rules and procedures of the party. The new constitution will introduce new issues, like proportional representation, and as a result we need to adjust our own constitution to capture the new realities,” the official said.

“Some people are suggesting that proportional representation must only cater for women in the party but others have a different view. So debate is ongoing over all these issues and we have to come to a point where we decide which route to take.”

However, junior MDC-T officials say they fear the party list might be used to sideline them, while protecting senior officials who may not win primary elections. Although the matter has not been officially discussed by the party’s standing committee, insiders said consultations were going on.

A member of the standing committee said the party had not yet taken a position on the issue although there was serious debate on what to do. “In whatever will be done, the will of the people will be respected,” said senior MDC-T official Nelson Chamisa. “We don’t have any sacred cows.”

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