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The published  Constitution Parliamentary Select Committee (Copac) draft constitution shows the committee remains divided on more than 10 issues. The draft shows that besides the three reported contentious issues to do with devolution, dual citizenship and systems of government, the three political parties in the inclusive government –– Zanu PF and the two MDC formations –– are in dispute on issues such as delimitation, land compensation, pronouncement of electoral dates, transitional clauses, the composition of the senate and voting rights of chiefs.

This week Copac’s management committee failed to break the impasse and referred the draft back to political parties to go through, after which it will be taken back to the negotiating teams before it is submitted to the political principals.

Sources close to Copac said the “parked” issues in the draft constitution reflect the political interests of the three parties, adding the whole process had become highly-politicised.

Copac’s final draft notes “a decision has to be made on the issue of appointing a vice-president who will be a member of parliament or appointing two vice-presidents.”

Copac is yet to agree on the timing of general elections as revealed in Chapter 8. It is also still to decide on whether provincial assemblies are to be established, something which Zanu PF is opposed to.

Issues of compensation of people from whom the state or a public authority compulsorily acquire agricultural land  in violation of property rights guaranteed by the constitution or protected by an agreement concluded by the state with the government of another country is still under discussion.

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