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Quton cotton growing field day in focus

Edward Mhandu, managing director of Quton said: “During the last summer season, Quton achieved cotton planting seed sales of 10 745 tonnes. This was a 28% decline from the previous year. Farmers in Zimbabwe are renowned in Africa for using the best farm management practices, which include use of improved, certified seed. Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your confidence and trust in Quton seeds.”

As Africa moves towards zero contamination of its cotton, he said, it was important to note that Quton has embarked on the use of 100% bio-degradable material for packaging as one measure to ensure no propylene is used in the cotton production chain. “We are also in the process of ISO:9001 re-certification, and this shows our commitment to Zimbabwe and the Southern Africa region to supplying a quality product,” he said.

“Our vision is to be Africa’s leading cotton seed supplier and your support has helped us build on this vision. We have established business units in Tanzania and Malawi, and have a strong distribution network in Swaziland, South Africa and Mozambique.

“As your preferred cotton planting seed supplier, we have put in place measures that will ensure an efficient and effective supply system everywhere where cotton grows.”

Mhandu invited opinions and critiques from farmers, government officials and invited guests. He said: “As you tour our trial fields, please compare and contrast the varieties under development here with the varieties that you know. Tell us your observations. Your feedback is critical. It is the only way we can improve and give you the product of your choice. Please take note of the way we have grown the cotton crop in the trials, from weed control to pest control, from crop health to general outlook. Let it be a process of learning and let us take the opportunity to share ideas. Our research programme focuses mainly on the improvement of cotton in respect of fibre, staple length and yield, in addition to plant diseases resistance and drought tolerance.”

He added: “Delivering high quality seeds is a key component of our  touch point and will be backed up by the provision of disease- free acid de-linted seed. We are confident the quality and the performance of our seeds will match your yield and quality expectations.”

“Moving on to the service and support levels, we are aware that, you, our customers expect the best service and support to match our leading Quton brand. We will make our service relevant and make it more convenient to doing business with us.”

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