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Amtec — the dealership of choice


Amtec Motors has a history dating back to 1953 and currently has five branches in centres across the country namely Harare, Bulawayo, Mutare, Gweru and Chiredzi. Fast-tec and Hino Zimbabwe are subsidiary companies under Amtec Motors.


We sell new and used Mazda and Nissan vehicles; we also sell Mazda and Nissan spare parts and also accessories, as well as service the vehicle brands. Our forecourt and mart departments in  Bulawayo, Mutare and Gweru sell fuel and groceries for the convenience our clients.

Our vision
To be the preferred provider of motoring solutions in Africa.
We are committed to continuously satisfying the customer’s motoring needs whilst enhancing  stakeholder value through building long-term customer relationships, strategic partnerships and alliances, and continues development of staff.
We are guided by the following values:
Customer care
  Quality service
 Concern for safety, health and environment
  Social responsibility
 Teamwork and commitment
 Innovation and enthusiasm
Corporate structure

Lucas Taruvinga (managing director)
Taruvinga is a chartered accountant with vast experiences in industry and commerce. He has been with the Motec Group in different senior positions for six years and is currently managing director for Amtec.

Kaynos Chipangura (financial controller)
Chipangura, who has recently joined the group, is a Chartered Accountant and a Master of Business Administration degree holder. He brings with him more than 10 years senior management work experience from two large international mining concerns.

Tenson Bvekwa (finance manager)
Bvekwa has been with Amtec for more than 13 years and has been in the accounts field from branch level to head office.

Elliot Shoniwa (general manager-Harare)
Shoniwa is a marketer by profession and in charge of the biggest branch in the group; he is in charge of the parts committee. He has post-graduate qualifications in marketing management and purchasing and supply. In addition, he holds a Masters Degree in Business Leadership.

Erasmus Ndongwe (dealer principal-Bulawayo)
Ndongwe has been with Amtec for the past 10 years that period.  

Prince Chibinya (dealer principal-Gweru)
Chibinya is an Amtec product and has been with the group for 10 years initially from the IT department, to being in charge of the Mutare branch for a few years and is now heading our Gweru branch.

Matthew Chandahwa (dealer principal –Mutare)
A holder of an MBA, Chandahwa has vast experience spanning the telecommunications and  insurance industries  at senior managerial levels.

Walter Sundayi (general manager – Hino Division)
Sundayi is the most successful product of our apprenticeship programme. Having joined Amtec as a technician over 19 years ago and previously headed Mutare and Gweru branches, he rose through the ranks and oversees our technical training department as well as being general manager for our Hino Division.

Each Amtec branch is an autonomous unit, which facilitates quicker decisions at the point where they need to be taken. Amtec head office staff then support all branches and co ordinates key policy issues.

Our brands
The division is involved in Mazda vehicle sales. As a Mazda   franchise holder the division is strategically positioned to serve customers looking for new Mazda vehicles, pre-owned Mazda vehicles, and Mazda vehicle accessories.

The home of Nissan vehicle models whose specialty is Nissan vehicle sales. Amtec Nissan holds a Nissan franchise and caters for customers looking for new Nissan vehicles, used Nissan vehicles and Nissan vehicle accessories. Specialists in Hino vehicles from Hino vehicle sales parts retailing and Hino vehicle servicing. Hino Zimbabwe will cater for all your needs in these areas and many other areas.

This is the latest addition to our brands and specialises in the sale and Isuzu trucks and parts, our facilities in Msasa also provide service to the brand.
A division of Amtec Motors vehicle service centre which is there for quick service “while you wait”. Fast-Tec aims to reduce the time customers spend waiting in order to be served in a workshop by attending to all vehicle minor services such as wheel alignment and wheel balancing among other services.

Amtec parts centre
The centre for all Mazda, Nissan and Hino spare parts with branches located in major cities in
Zimbabwe and engaged in Mazda and Nissan genuine (and alternate) parts retailing.

Amtec workshop  
Our workshops are equipped with the necessary equipment and experienced technicians to service all Mazda, Nissan and Hino vehicle models. Amtec service centers are conveniently located close to each parts center to cater for your parts and vehicle service requirements.
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Standards worth keeping
We specialise in Nissan and Mazda parts retailing with a reputation spanning for decades since
1953. Our reputation for quality service is through the quality of our parts. All genuine parts are
manufactured to the original design and specification. Then tested and approved to exceptional
standards, set by Nissan and Mazda vehicle manufacturers.


How do customers benefit
When your vehicle needs servicing, contact your nearest Amtec branch. We will service and fit genuine Nissan and Mazda spare parts, as part of a genuine service. Alternatively buy your parts from us and do it yourself, whichever way durability and reliability are maintained.


The result

Your Nissan and Mazda vehicle’s original braking, handling and ride characteristics will be maintained.  Emission and lighting standards will also be met.

Four major points for genuine parts
Genuine parts are reliable spare parts possessing these strengths:

•    Quality – Only those service parts manufactured with the same design as parts used in the new vehicles are marketed as Genuine Parts as they fulfill the severe quality standards.
•    Warranty – Provided for genuine parts
•    Supply – A timely supply system has been established so that parts required, including those for older models, are available at all times.
•    Reliability – customers can use all genuine parts with confidence.

Technicians at work

Our service for Mazda and Nissan vehicles is par excellent in both automotive engineering and electrical engineering. Our technicians are equipped with skills necessary to meet the demands in these areas of vehicle service.

Automotive and electrical engineering

With high tech workshops, which are comprised of professional technicians and specialised equipment we aim to ensure customer satisfaction, high quality service and ensure excellence at all times.

Recommended service intervals
In order for your vehicle to perform to your expectations, we recommend that you bring your vehicle for service at regular intervals:

Minor service (A service) 5 000km for both Mazda and Nissan
Middle service (B service) 10 000km for both Mazda and Nissan

Major service (C service) 40 000km for both Mazda and Nissan
Major service (D service) 80 000km only applying to Mazda vehicles

Is defined as an agreement between a buyer and a seller of goods or services, detailing the conditions under which the seller will make repairs or fix problems without cost to the buyer.

We provide warranty on new vehicles and these under the following conditions.

Nissan warranty is 50 000km or two years

Mazda General is 60 000km or three years
Mazda power train is 100 000km or three years

Vehicle sales

Zooming you all the way…

We are proud to be associated with the Mazda brand selling both new and pre-owned Mazda vehicles. The Mazda brand symbol affirms commitment to providing high quality products that offer unique driving pleasure and sales and service experience that surpasses our customers’ expectations and earns their confidence and loyalty.

Vehicle accessories
In addition, we sell wide range of Mazda vehicle accessories .Audio systems, drop-side body for T-35 truck, alarm system, Solex lock and gear wheel lock, Step on bumper and tow hitch, Bull
bar/nudge bar, roll bar bumpers, Canopies, Rhino lining, seat covers, Vehicle evaluation – pre-owned vehicles.

Free services and items
 Free pre-delivery inspection (PDI) at our workshop 

Assistance in vehicle cleara

Vehicle registration and licensing
Wheel lock nuts
Floor mats
Seat covers
Key holder
 Licence disc
Free vehicle service after the first 1 000km (750 miles)
Amtec Motors Golf shirts
Golf bags
Dinner outing and golf match invitation for selected customers
Year-end party for best and loyal customers

The answer
Welcome to the realm of Nissan vehicles. Vehicles that answer your need for the ultimate fusion of power, style and features with legendary working capacity and indestructible reliability.

Vehicle sales
We are a franchise holder for the Nissan vehicle brand and we offer excellent service when it comes to new and pre-owned Nissan vehicle sales. In addition, we sell a wide range of Nissan vehicle accessories .Audio systems, alarm system, Solex lock and gear wheel lock, step on bumper and tow hitch, bull bar/nudge bar, roll bar bumpers, canopies, rhino lining, seat covers, vehicle evaluation – pre-owned vehicles..

Free services and items
    Free pre-delivery inspection (PDI) at our workshop
    Assistance in vehicle clearance
    Vehicle registration and licensing
     Wheel lock nuts
     Floor mats
     Seat covers
     Key holder
     Licence disc
     Free vehicle service after the first 1 000km (750 miles)
     Amtec Motors Golf shirts
    Golf bags
    Dinner outing and golf match invitation for selected customers
    Year-end party for best and loyal customers.

Our service
Fast-Tec provides quick service for the convenience of our customers with the aim of saving our customer’s time by providing affordable quick service in the following areas:

    Computerised wheel alignment
     Computer wheel balancing
    Exhaust checks
     Shock checks
     On board disk skimming
     Light focusing
    Suspension repairs
     Windscreens supply and fitting – all models (Fusalite franchise)

We sell the following:

    Batteries
    Locknuts
    Spare wheel locks
    Tyres
     Exhausts
     Suspension accessories

Workshop equipment
We have state-of-the-art equipment in our workshop with the aim of providing excellent service to our customers.

Branch Network

E-mail: info@amtec.co.zw E-mail: shoniwae@amtec.co.zw

E-mail: ndongwee@amtec.co.zw E-mail: chandahwam@amtec.co.zw

E-mail: chandahwam@amtec.co.zw E-mail: chibinyap@amtec.co.zw

E-mail: sundayiw@autologistic.co.zw E-mail: hinobyo@amtec.co.zw

E-mail: hinogweru@amtec.co.zw E-mail: shoniwae@amtec.co.zw

E-mail: ndongwee@amtec.co.zw E-mail: chibinyap@amtec.co.zw

E-mail: chandahwam@amtec.co.zw

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