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  Addressing the staff, Tererai Mutasa, the managing director of Zesa Enterprises said, “Health and safety awareness and the observance thereof is the centre on which productivity and employee well being hinge. Accidents injure, maim and in some instances kill employees.

“Accidents also damage machines, leading to production losses, costly repairs and lost business. The psychological scars of losing a breadwinner are quite ghastly to contemplate and as such, even our families must support us in our endeavors to create safe working environments.”

Mutasa said that human body parts are largely irreplaceable and as such, prevention is better than cure.

He said the Zent clarion call is to prevent accidents and injuries through promotion of safe working habits, proper housekeeping and continuously improving safe working processes, in a move that will amount to zero tolerance to work-related accidents.

The managing director encouraged Zent employees to preach and practice safety at all times as safety is a process and not an event.

His encouragement was against a backdrop of two work-related accidents last year that fortunately did not have casualties.

“Where provided, safety and protective clothing must be worn at all times. The fire drill starts today with the fire marshals getting the first bite of the cherry and the rest will follow suit in due course,” said Mutasa.

Mutasa said that health and safety talks must be on the production meetings’ agenda of every department and must be given the same prominence as costs, profits, production targets and quality.

He said that the Zesa Holdings’ board had already made a start by ensuring that there is a committee – the board audit and risk committee – which looks into this important aspect of the operations and reports on it as required.

Following the launch of the health and safety campaign, two assembly points have been designated for employees to assemble when there is an emergency like fire, floods, storms and other related eventualities*

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