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“It has turned into a false messianic partisan platform,” we are told.

The MDC-T, the Herald sources said, had recognised that churches are key opinion makers.

“The idea is to go in subliminally in the holy hope to catch Zimbabwe politically off-guard,” he said.

That is what Zanu PF was doing all this time and the MDC-T is only trying to play catch up.

In 2010 President Robert Mugabe, despite being a Catholic, donned the white robes of the Johane Marange Apostolic Faith sect in a bid to woo support.
This past week Zanu PF officials were in overdrive popping up in church conferences and services across the country. Information minister, Webster Shamu, who was a guest of honour at a Guta RaMwari (Zvimiso) Church in Nyazura, also found time to perform at Emmanuel Makandiwa’s “Judgment Night” vigil at the National Sports Stadium last Friday.

Clearly hapless churchgoers will have no reprieve from the wolves in sheep’s clothing that have invaded their neck of the woods.





And what do you think of a politician who thinks his path to glory lies in admiring the worst dictator that ever walked the earth. Is he unaware of the six million Jews murdered on this man’s orders? Hitler is hardly a role model for Zimbabwe’s youth. He represents everything that is evil and despotic. Saviour Kasukuwere quotes with approval Mugabe’s 2003 statement that he is “still the Hitler of his time”.

“This Hitler has only one objective: Justice for his people; sovereignty for his people; recognition of his people and their right to their resources. If that is Hitler then let me be a Hitler tenfold.”

That is populist demagoguery at its worst. It is sick. And it deserves scrutiny by those misguided mining companies that think survival lies in cosying up to dictatorship. Zanu PF must be the only party in the world that believes emulating Hitler is a clever move!

Muckraker can deduce, from Kasukuwere’s overzealousness, an attempt to atone for his indiscretions revealed by whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks. The website revealed that Kasukuwere allegedly met former US ambassador to Zimbabwe, Tom McDonald, in November 2000 and called for leadership renewal in Zanu PF.

He stated that President Mugabe and his cronies must be “phased out” of their leadership role adding that the two vice presidents at the time should step down as a first step.






Muckraker tries not to watch ZTV. It makes the blood boil. It is nothing more than a clumsy propaganda tool which abuses its connection to the former ruling party to attack the proponents of change and reform.

But it occasionally and unwittingly provides some light entertainment. A few weeks ago a panel of three “experts” were complaining bitterly about South African constitutional expert Hassen Ebrahim advising Copac on what changes were needed. Why was a South African expert hired when there were so many Zimbabwean professors who could do the job, the panel members headed by “European” Chivaura wanted to know as they waxed indignant on the issue. “We have the most educated people on the continent,” we were told.

But none of the panellists stopped to consider the record of Zimbabwe’s fine academics. What the panel needed to do was remind viewers that the GPA was put in place with the help of our neighbours to create stability and growth, not to see one party crush another.

If the forthcoming poll is accompanied by violence and electoral manipulation it will carry no more credibility than the last one (2008). That in turn will see investment and aid dry up.

So there is no point to a poll that does not create a national consensus on recovery. That notion doesn’t seem to have taken root with our political class including those who once enjoyed our admiration and respect but are now heartily loathed. We need an independent and respected law-enforcement system if people are to respect electoral outcomes.

We need to hear from the Human Rights Commission, the electoral commission, and other bodies set up in the ambit of the GPA. At present they are conspicuously inactive.





ZBC also reports that legal “expert”, Tazvitya Mapfumo, has challenged the parties in the inclusive government to go to the polls without any condition as there is no guarantee that there will be an agreement in the foreseeable future.

Mapfumo said calls for reform in various sectors, as a condition for holding elections, are “immaterial” as it is evident that the political parties in the inclusive government come from divergent political and ideological backgrounds and will not agree on certain matters of principle.

What kind of legal expert advocates for the holding of polls without adhering to a legal document –– the Global Political Agreement –– signed by the major political parties and which spells out the minimum requirements for elections? 

Mapfumo’s curious sentiments were also echoed by Zanu PF Secretary for Information and Publicity, Rugare Gumbo, who mendaciously claimed that Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai had “finally” conceded to elections this year.

This is despite Tsvangirai stating last week that: “There have been misguided pronouncements about dates for elections and the holding of the referendum. I wish to state those dates will be determined by a process and not by a resolution of any organ of a political party.”

“It is unfortunate,” Gumbo opines, “that he (Tsvangirai) is still putting some conditions which are just a way of trying to delay the process.”

We wouldn’t want to accuse Cde Gumbo of being a peddler of (mis)information but he needs to get his facts right if we are to take him seriously.






Nomatter Tagarira alias Rotina Mavhunga, who made headlines in 2007 after duping President Robert Mugabe and other prominent Zanu PF politicians that she had powers to extract diesel from a rock, was recently released from prison, the Standard reports.

We can’t help but chuckle at the “diesel n’anga” fiasco, which saw President Mugabe appoint a special committee of high-ranking officials to look into the diesel “find”.

Mavhunga’s aides duped the officials who included Didymus Mutasa, Sydney Sekeramayi and Kembo Mohadi, by using a pipe lodged between rocks at the summit of Maningwa Hills to pour diesel down where the ministers were gathered to witness the “spectacular” event.

The committee reported back to President Mugabe that she was indeed able to produce fuel out of a granite rock.

The Zanu PF government planned to use the diesel and gold findings to boost the national wealth and thumb their noses at the West for the imposition of “illegal” sanctions.

However, in keeping with the popular trend these days, Mavhunga has also now become a Christian.

“Indeed she is now a converted believer and is attending AFM church after our preaching sessions at the prison,” a prison official is quoted as saying.
We wouldn’t be surprised if, in a few months, Mavhunga would re-surface as a pastor.  Many people who have been squeezed out of the feeding trough seem to have “turned to God” at the suspiciously right time.

Despite being new to the faith, they are more than keen to take the mantle of pastoring, a seemingly lucrative field.
Even former Zifa CEO, Henrietta Rushwaya, has threatened to become a pastor.

This comes after her failed bid to seek political office, as well as being implicated in a football match-fixing scandal, left her jobless.

“I am turning to God and becoming a born-again Henrietta. I intend to go for  pastoral training at a Theological College,” Rushwaya had said.






Meanwhile the relentless onslaught by Local Government minister, Ignatius Chombo, on MDC-dominated municipalities continued unabated with the suspension –– without pay –– of Gwanda mayor Lionel De Necker.

De Necker’s misdeed was his refusal to appoint an alleged Zanu PF functionary, a Mrs P Nkala, as a Gwanda municipality chamber secretary.
As a result, Chombo accused De Necker of insubordination and defying his orders leading to his suspension.

The Standard reports that Chombo’s deputy, Sesil Zwidzai, said the former was abusing the Urban Council’s Act in a bid to reverse Zanu PF’s electoral defeats in municipalities.

“Chombo is going wild, shooting at everybody using the Act. The guy still can’t face the reality that his Zanu PF party is no longer running the country’s urban councils,” said Zwidzai.

Chombo also suspended Mutare mayor, Brian James, early this year on allegations of misconduct.

Chombo claimed the suspension of James was in the interest of ensuring “sound local governance” for effective and efficient service delivery in Mutare City.

Chombo should be the last person to bleat about “sound local governance” when he has presided over the worst spell for municipalities in this country.
In a story we carried last month, De Necker complained about the polarisation and meddling wrought by Chombo.

“Disruption is from all corners; from the minister and some employees who are loyal to Zanu PF. These people take orders from outside resulting in a direct confrontation and councils are heading for disaster if this trend is not abated,” De Necker had said.

De Necker also told VOA Studio 7 that his removal was unfair since he had no executive powers to impose Chombo’s choice on the Gwanda municipality after it rejected his directive.

VOA Studio 7 reports that Chombo has also sent a team to probe the Bulawayo City Council. Clearly Chombo’s crusade needs to be stopped in its tracks.






Zanu PF politburo member, Jonathan Moyo, was at the receiving end of some stinging vitriol from fellow Zanu PF member and Constitutional Parliamentary Select Committee (Copac) co-chair, Paul Mangwana.

The Daily News reports that Mangwana lampooned Moyo for alleging that the constitution-making process had been hijacked by the “mafia” bent on effecting regime change.

“From the way he (Moyo) has been ranting about Copac week-in, week-out it gives an impression that he has got some ulterior motives or is motivated by someone with a sinister agenda,” Mangwana seethed.

“However, we will not be distracted by hopeless people,” he added.

As if that was not enough, Copac officials, who included Mangwana and Jessie Majome, also said Moyo’s views smacked of panic and were from an “idle mind”. 

Something for the not so good Prof to chew on as he mulls writing another humdrum and unnecessarily long article!

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