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The state of our roads across the country brings daily anguish to motorists. This is an issue which could have been addressed given how motorists are cooperating on the toll gate levies. By now they should have been able to put road markings as well as fill-in potholes and road edges. By now, Zinara should have collected enough money to buy paint to mark our roads.


I am not even talking of major infrastructural developments such as dualisation. Certainly dualisation, fly-overs and subways are for another government yet to come. Just the little and seemingly routine upgrades seem to be beyond the capability of our government. In an interview recently, a Zinara official said local authorities that fail to account for their 2011 allocation would not receive funds this year. That surely should be very shameful and frightening. So the price thieves pay for stealing our money is not to receive more?

Local authorities must account for the allocations they have received to date. If they fail, then they know where they belong; behind bars. Zinara must wake up to its responsibilities. Otherwise it should not be entrusted with public funds. To make matters worse, the toll gate levy is set to be increased this year. Ironically, it is taking the government years to complete the dual road between Norton and Harare.

There is also what is perceived by many to be irrational load-shedding by Zesa. There are some suburbs that are in perpetual darkness while others are perpetually switched on. How does Zesa come up with such seemingly warped load-shedding schedules? Residents of high density suburbs, such as Aerodrome in Bindura and Chikanga in Mutare for example, have borne the brunt of unreasonable load-shedding. Many who are in perpetual darkness believe Zesa area managers do not switch off suburbs they reside. That could not entirely be a lie until Zesa comes clean on such allegations. The point is that Zesa should distribute the pain of its incompetence fairly to residents

It is only a careless government, and one not intending to be around for the long haul, that does not plan ahead. The Kariba Dam project is among the few large-scale projects the country has undertaken. It is such a shame that we are still relying on those generating units commissioned in 1961. The Zambians have since modernised their side whilst we remain stuck with the technology of the 1950s.

So after the government plunged the country in darkness due to their failure to invest in electricity generation, they have apportioned the few megawatts remaining for themselves.


Percival Jinga,

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