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Council Must First Fulfill its Obligations

Once the ruling class realised that there was absolutely no limit to what they could get away with, the sense of entitlement went into overdrive. Because Zanu PF chefs have always behaved like a bunch of spoilt kids, they don’t even seem to understand that their “confidential” Zesa bills are in the public interest.

We are told President Robert Mugabe (pictured) and some of his colleagues accused Energy minister Elton Mangoma of leaking the bills to embarrass them. These people hold citizens of this nation with so much contempt that none of them are sorry for their disgraceful behaviour and irresponsibility over these bills. In a typical leech-like fashion, they are happy to continue free-loading and riding on the backs of the poor.

They got the farms for free; they get free farming inputs which they loot from GMB, travel all over the world for free and now they want free electricity; never mind that they get all sorts of allowances and plunder public resources over and above all these freebies.

In a democratic and civilised country, we would have witnessed a series of apologies and resignations over this scandal.

I was fascinated to read in the story that Mugabe reportedly said it did not matter who actually leaked the bills but the buck stopped with Mangoma. Really Cde President? Is that what actually happens in this country? Are ministers always held accountable for what happens under their portfolios?

Can we, therefore, expect the president to read the riot act to Transport minister Nicholas Goche over what is happening to tollgate fees given the terrible state of our roads, Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo for poor service delivery and corruption in his ministry, Youth minister Saviour Kasukuwere for the irregular employment of thousands of “ghost workers” and Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri for the murder of an innocent civilian by police in Shamva?

I think not!

Abbie Mphisa,

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