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While many people commiserate with people of Bulawayo over Dimaf, the call by Gono for the affected people to camp at Biti’s office and to engage in hunger strikes is not only irresponsible but shows mischief by the man entrusted with leading the central bank.

If this was a normal country, Gono should have been arrested for inciting violence and disorderly conduct. With Zimbabwe being the political hotbed that it is, especially in view of imminent elections, and considering that many Zanu PF supporters are baying for Biti’s blood anyway, what guarantee is there that the so-called protests will not degenerate into violence?

It is therefore quite surprising that such an encouragement should come from Gono, a man who himself has presided over the destitution of former central bank workers, whom he has inexplicably failed to pay outstanding severance packages.

Is this not outright hypocrisy on the part of Gono and a case of him pointing to a speck of dust in Biti’s eye forgetting a log in his own eye? What right does Gono have to call for protests against Biti?

It is almost a year since Gono paid his former workers anything. How does he think that the workers and their families are surviving, considering that the majority of the workers have not managed to secure new employment since leaving the bank more than a year ago?

How would Gono feel if all former workers camped at his office with their starving families to protest the non-payment of their severance packages?

Justin Tamisai Makombe,
Former RBZ employee.

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