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E10 BioUnleaded is a combination of 10% ethanol and 90% unleaded petrol. Sakunda Energy has branded its product E10 BioUnleaded. This is an environmentally friendly product that is proven to reduce carbon monoxide emissions. It is safe and suitable for use in all petrol/unleaded vehicles offering a clean, efficient fuel with a higher octane rating and improved performance of petrol vehicles.  Most vehicles manufactured after 1985 are E10 compliant.

Ethanol is an alternative energy source produced by fermenting sugarcane, which is locally grown.  Because it is produced locally it reduces the country’s import bill for fuel, hence it is cheaper than unleaded petrol.

Motorists can mix any amount of E10 BioUnleaded with unleaded petrol without needing any conversions. This gives motorists flexibility to use either of the products interchangeably. However, to realise the full benefits of E10 BioUnleaded a motorist is advised to use it continuously.

E10 is used worldwide, especially in countries like the United States, Brazil, Germany, Australia and many others.

The Sakunda BioUnleaded fuel has been launched at all Sakunda Energy retail service stations in Harare and is now available at some sites in Bulawayo. Provision of E10 BioUnleaded will be spread  countrywide this month.

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