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The family has expressed dismay at the outcome of the 13-day inquest, presided over by Harare Regional Magistrate Walter Chikwanha, saying its findings were flawed.

Chikwanha ruled out foul play in Mujuru’s death despite the inquest raising more questions than answers. He declared Mujuru died as a result of carbonisation from smoke, although the cause of the fire could not be ascertained.

The general’s brother, Joel Mujuru told the Zimbabwe Independent yesterday he was unhappy with the inquest outcome which he said was predictable from the start.

“The magistrate says there is no foul play as the newspapers reported, but can someone explain to us what the gunshots heard at Solomon’s farmhouse on the night of his death were targeted at? If they are able to tell us that information, then we can conclude that there was no foul play,” Joel said.

“Why did they say he died of carbonisation when they don’t know what caused the fire in the first place? I thought as experts they would have told us the possible causes of the severe fire before they conclude that he died of carbonisation.”

He added: “The police guards at the farmhouse know how the fire started. They should not try to hoodwink us.

“We are going to meet to discuss this matter with our lawyer and our specialists on the way forward. If the government of Zimbabwe is democratic, it should allow us to exhume Solomon and get the pathologist we want to examine his body.”

The inquest, which saw 39 witnesses testifying, left Zimbabweans puzzled as to the cause of the fire which burnt Mujuru to ashes. Testimony from the forensic experts, pathologist, Harare Fire Brigade, and the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority experts all proved inconclusive, while witnesses from the farm gave contradictory testimonies.

In addition, there are many issues, including the mysterious blue flame, bungled postmortem, the unburnt carpet beneath the body, compromised evidence and missing keys,  which remain  in the air.

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