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Corrupt MPs must face the music

Also, the communities were expected to play a big part in initiating and participating in whatever projects the CDF would be channelled into. The MPs were only supposed to be stewards of the funds.

The process was supposed to be inclusive and transparent. But what happened is that corrupt MPs connived with some councillors who were signatories to the CDF accounts. They then proceeded to withdraw the funds after which they created phantom projects in an attempt to dupe constituents and government.

They then went on spending sprees, buying personal items like vehicles and furniture.

In short, the corrupt MPs short-changed the voters and they should pay for their indiscretion.

The parties from which such MPs emanate have been given an opportunity to discard the chaff within their ranks, particularly as elections loom.

Corrupt MPs, from whatever party, should face the music.


Frank Matandirotya,

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