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In Mozambique we had Frelimo which fought and defeated the Portuguese and Renamo in their quest to reverse the gains of their struggle for independence.

President Robert Mugabe and Sadc helped to hammer out a compromise which allowed the warring groups to conduct credible elections and today Mozambique is moving on. This outcome came about thanks to the mediating role of Sadc and Zimbabwe in particular.

In South Africa we had the African National Congress and Pan Africanist Congress which both fought for the liberation of the country. Ultimately, however, the electorate was able to choose who should lead them.

We should leave the people to choose who they want as their leader in Zimbabwe as well. This will stop the British, Americans or the French from playing the policeman role in our country. 

If we fight amongst ourselves and ignore the advice of Sadc, which has stood by us since the days of the liberation struggle, we will be playing into hands of the imperialists.

I hate to see the destruction of our country as is happening in Libya. Today the people of Libya are not free in the new post-Gaddafi dispensation as people are still killing each other.

Western nations are parcelling the reconstruction contracts among themselves while Libyans continue to suffer. 

We still have a chance to avoid the upheavals of North Africa and what is happening in Syria today by agreeing, with the assistance of our neighbours, to resolve our differences and move on as a nation. The world is waiting with eagle eyes to pounce on us and pillage our resources in the name of restoring democracy.


Shepherd Femerepi,

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