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“We are giving out stands to you people because we realised that MDC-T-dominated councils are doing nothing for you in terms of shelter,” said Madiro.
“Every beneficiary of this scheme should vote for Zanu PF and betrayers will be kicked out from here. You can’t benefit when you don’t want to vote for us,” he said to hundreds of home-seekers in Mutare over the weekend.

Zanu PF central committee member Esau Mupfumi added: “Zanu PF realised that people are not getting housing stands in urban areas and Destiny for Afrika Network was given state land to develop so that we give out housing stands to our supporters.”

“We don’t need to remind you that on election day you need to vote for Zanu PF. Voting for MDC when you are a beneficiary of this scheme is inviting trouble because we will not hesitate to move you out.”

State land is again being offered by a moribund party in its desperate attempt to cling to power. Hapless home-seekers no doubt will have a distinct sense of déjà vu. Musindo and Zanu PF always dangle the same carrot: They promise desperate home seekers housing stands and cash for “income generating projects” just before elections which mysteriously disappear just after.





Musindo recently revealed to the Zimbabwe Independent that DANet was close to securing a R1 billion loan from a South African financial institution to fund its housing projects.

“We are in the process of securing R1 billion for the project and we will be developing pre-engineered houses just like the Chinese because the process is faster and cheaper,” he said.

We have serious doubts about that Cde Musindo. We will be keen to know which South African financial institution is prepared to fund your organisation’s schemes.

As for the “pre-engineered houses”, are they not the same as those constructed by Chinese diamond mining company Anjin Investments in Chiadzwa which were badly damaged by gusts of wind. Desperate villagers, NewsDay reported, pointed to “substandard imported Chinese nails”.

“The type of nails used here are not the usual nails that we know for the purposes of roofing. The construction of these houses was done haphazardly and nothing was done to ensure that we are safe here,” said an angry villager.

Forewarned is forearmed!





The Sunday News carried an interesting picture on its front page recently showing villagers from Nyamandlovu organising transportation of grain they bought from the GMB. The government is providing subsidised maize to areas affected by drought, we were told.

A few days later under the heading “Govt help needed to save starving people”, the Daily News carried a report saying a government decision was needed to compel  the GMB to distribute grain to help over a million people facing starvation.

“It is a challenge to our mitigation efforts,” Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare permanent secretary Lancester Musekwa told a parliamentary portfolio committee. “The government should simply declare its position to GMB so they distribute it immediately to needy people to avoid starvation.”

So is the grain available or not? It was certainly available when Obert Mpofu threw his lavish “bash” in his constituency a few weeks ago. What is the priority here?  Perhaps the diamond kings could tell us!





We were interested to see Botswana’s military chief being rapped over the knuckles by his country’s MPs over remarks he made to the press during his Zimbabwe visit. He went much too far in proclaiming undying bonds with Zimbabwe, we understand. This is of course a new development as only a few months ago Botswana was providing refuge to Morgan Tsvangirai.

And just as General Tebogo Masire was declaring historic ties to Zimbabwe Simon Khaya Moyo was in Gaborone saying how indebted Zimbabwe was to the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP).

Khaya Moyo, at the  BDP 50th anniversary celebrations hailed the “strong relations” between his party and the BDP, saying Zimbabwe is indebted to the latter for the role it played during the country’s liberation struggle.

“It was the sacrifices of the gallant sons and daughters of the Republic of Botswana under the leadership of the BDP who contributed so immensely to the liberation of Zimbabwe,” he said.

Khaya Moyo added that Botswana continued to support Zimbabwe, especially in calling for the scrapping of the “illegal” economic sanctions against the country.

This is in stark contrast to the views of Zanu PF Politburo member Jonathan Moyo who once said: “When a country has more goats than people, it suffers a serious leadership deficiency as is happening in Botswana where a primitive and intolerant military junta is masquerading as a democracy.”

This was in response to the deportation of journalist and Zanu PF apologist Caesar Zvayi from Botswana where he was an economic refugee.
Zvayi, in his tirade against the Botswana government also stated that it was “sworn to the politics of Western appeasement”.

These are very divergent views indeed from the same camp.





We sympathise with Reuben Barwe who was reportedly duped by a colleague a year ago and was only able to recover a small portion of his“investment”. It is never nice being swindled. But what we have to say here is that ZBC commentators are full of opinions on the economy and how the MDC-T is not qualified to run things the way Zanu PF does. And here they were making all sorts of injudicious loans and generally mismanaging their own finances. 

Barwe, who was owed US$20 000, made frantic efforts to recover his money. Indeed, a lot of pleading appears to have been going on at Pockets Hill followed by meaningless IoUs.

What strikes the reader of the Herald story is the naivety of the individuals involved. People were pleaded with to “invest” in dubious circumstances and further amounts were subsequently sought. The victims then “realised” (a favourite Herald word)  they had been duped.
We won’t comment here in too much detail as the matter is before the courts. Our source is the Herald!
But what we can say is that the next time ZBC officials threaten to sue us for accusing ZBC of unprofessional conduct we will do no more than cite this case.





Another comment is called for here. In its same edition of Tuesday this week the Herald carried a Page 2 story on South Africa’s comments on Zimbabwe’s election process.  It was headed “SA speaks on Zim elections”.

Foreign minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane told parliament in Cape Town that Pretoria expects full implementation of the GPA before elections.
“The GPA envisages that an election in Zimbabwe will only be held following the finalisation of the constitution-making process,” she said.  “Our government expects there will be no deviation from the provisions of the GPA.”





What is interesting here is the dilemma that must have arisen over how to handle this manifest contradiction of Zanu PF policy. President Zuma, after all, speaks for the region, not just South Africa.

So this is what they did. Firstly they exiled the story, of huge national and international importance, to Page 2 where it struggled for prominence among “exciting”  stories such as “Utilise land, Mujuru challenges development associations”, “Mining fees consistent with projected growth”, and Zanu PF’s favourite subject, “Scottish Catholic leader condemns homosexuality”.

Scotland is a largely Protestant country.

In its place on Page 1 went a story headed “Satanism scare in Mufakose”. They then felt they couldn’t junk the SA story altogether so it was interspersed with paragraphs on what President Mugabe had said about elections over the past few months. So a story about South African policy on Zimbabwe became an adulterated story on what Mugabe thought about elections!





Meanwhile Jonathan Moyo has again taken it upon himself to excoriate another Sadc country, this time South Africa, for “gross interference” in Zimbabwe’s internal affairs.

Moyo, on Monday, said South Africa’s Foreign Affairs minister, Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, should “shut up” after she stated that there “would be no deviation from the provisions of the GPA” requiring a new constitution before elections, as reported above.

“The future of Zimbabwe is not dependent on a new constitution, and if she doesn’t know that then she must shut up. What she is saying about the constitution is delinquent. She has no locus standi to make these pronouncements which constitute a gross interference in our national affairs, she has no remit to talk about us.” Moyo told New Zimbabwe.com

A bit of restraint would do you a lot of good Prof! South Africa has every right to demand the full implementation of the GPA since they would deal with the consequences of another sham election.

They have had to absorb the economic and political refugees of Zanu PF misrule over the years, over three million, estimates say. It is in their interest to see the end of the more than decade-long Zimbabwean political crisis and no amount of vitriolic posturing on sovereignty can conceal that fact.





Readers have probably been following the Masimirembwa case where the state media is claiming that his exclusion from the Law Society is a personal matter.  He is fully entitled to join the society we are told.

But what is interesting is that nowhere in this narrative is there mention of what Masimirembwa is alleged to have done in order to suffer exclusion. Perhaps the next time one of the Herald’s apologists goes to work, he or she could disclose the real story. That, by the way, is the Law Society of Zimbabwe registration story, not the one where he almost single-handedly sabotaged the economy.

That needs to be told as well as he bids for a ticket in Zanu PF’s unedifying primary election process. We need to know what role if any La Farge are playing in that. Does Nicolas Sarkozy know?





Embattled Malawian President, Bingu wa Mutharika, has taken a swipe at old African leaders who overstay in power.
Wa Mutharika said although he has been called a dictator, arrogant and other names, he is a democrat because he doesn’t intend to elongate his stay in power at the expiry of his constitutional mandate in 2014, reports the Nyasa Times.

He said after the elections in 2014 he would “hit the road to Ndata Farm in Thyolo” for retirement.
“If I wanted, I would easily say I will go for another term and no one would stop me.

“I am not like 87-year-old Wade [of Senegal] who is gunning for another seven-year term. Imagine he is much older than me and he wants another term. He will be 92 by the end of such a term,” Wa Mutharika said.

There is a better example of an ageing leader, clinging to power, closer to home Cde Wa Mutharika which you did not care to mention.
Wa Mutharika also accused Western donors of funding an opposition protest movement that is challenging his increasingly tight grip on power.
He urged his supporters to “step in and defend their father rather than just sit back and watch him take crap from donors and rights groups”.
The less said the better!





Finally we were sorry to hear that the representative of Essar was unable to attend the Zimbabwe Investment and Trade Conference in Johannesburg last week. Apparently he had a bout of typhoid. Not the best advertisement for Zimbabwe.

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