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The writer makes the assertion that South Sudan was bombed by Sudan, which is a false allegation made by the Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Movement government. The Sudanese government has already made its position clear on this matter.

Secondly, the claims made by the writer that the quarrel between Sudan and South Sudan is about oil and religion are totally wrong and baseless.

This is because of the fact that Sudan has accepted the result of the referendum for independence and recognised the new state with 70% of the oil reserves going to South Sudan.

The fact that thousands of Christian South Sudanese still live in Sudan shows that religion is not the reason for the quarrel between the two states.
We kindly request the Independent to correct this misinformation for the benefit of readers as well as for the cause of truth.

Last but not least, we would like to remind the Independent as well as Dyer that Africa is facing a number of challenges, and no doubt such writings will not help its cause. Africa needs articles that encourage peace and unity. Africans need to be encouraged and told how to make unity out of diversity and not the opposite.


Khalid Dfalla,
Embassy of Sudan.

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