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Zanu PF is failing to appreciate that what is in the draft constitution is what the people said during the Constitutional Parliamentary Committee (Copac) outreach programme.

During the outreach programme, Zanu PF mobilised its supporters to disrupt and cause chaos to the process in some areas.  In other cases, people who were not known to be Zanu PF members were barred from speaking while in some areas, only the top Zanu PF leadership was allowed to contribute.
Nonetheless, brave members of the communities gave their views on the talking points which were captured.

Despite these challenges Copac managed to gather the peoples’ views which were used by the drafters in coming up with the first draft of the constitution.

The people of Zimbabwe are happy with what is available in the draft constitution despite the Herald’s claims that its switchboard is getting blocked by people who are against the draft.

The same tired Zanu PF commentators are being used to rubbish the draft only in order to seek relevance but when they know deep down in their hearts and minds that the people’s views were truly captured.

Zanu PF knows that Zimbabwe is working towards a democratic constitution and it is now trying to stop it and we need to protect what we said during the outreach programme.

We know that in the beginning, Zanu PF was against the drafting of a new, people-driven constitution and was in favour of the current one which it could use to continue manipulating the electoral system in order to fraudulently stay in power.

What Zanu PF is doing is nothing but trying to derail the whole process so that Zimbabweans will not be able to make a new Constitution that makes it difficult to rig elections.

Every Zimbabwean should defend his or her views by ensuring that Zanu PF’s deceit is exposed. It is time that Zanu PF realised that the people of Zimbabwe are determined to have a truly people-driven constitution, not a Zanu-PF driven one.

In 2000, the people of Zimbabwe showed this determination when they voted “NO” to the referendum then.

Today, it fears a big “YES” to the current one under construction given its inability to address the people’s concerns which they neglected for so long. It is time that Zanu PF morphs itself into a civilised and modern political party.


Lawrence Paganga,

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