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Businesses must invest in technology

In his presentation at the recently launched AMH Conversations held at La Serenata, Massie said: “I think the world is moving away from ownership to a world of access. People want things and technology is enabling this. People no longer want to own things but access them.”

Masie, who established and launched Google South Africa, said the future of technology was already here but was unevenly distributed. However, in Zimbabwe, there is lack of affordable internet access and less people own the requisite technology such as smart phones. 

“Technology is changing your customer and your customer is changing your business and I can’t imagine a world without cellphones,” said Masie.

There is an urgent call for collaborative engagement in business to create technological access to their products and services by investing in newer technology since technology is impacting on consumer preferences to any organisation’s products and services.

“People should love your business, not because of the products and services you deliver but because of the collaborative position of who you are in the market space,” said Masie.

Globally, technology has impacted on people and computational power is now higher at home as compared to an enterprise level since the use of technology has increased within families with children becoming innovation drivers.

“Computational power in the home has now surpassed computational power in enterprises since human beings now like to get together and sharing, and organisations should allow consumers to do that,” said Masie.

Massie highlighted that we are moving into a data-oriented society and business needs to reach out to the market by offering interactive products and services accessible through data. Organisations are being encouraged to develop a social media strategy so as to use social media to reach out to their clients.

Some of the interactive social media which business could adopt include the use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus. These social networks and interactive websites allow customers to give feedback and participate in product development.

“Information discovery is changing from search engines and static content to real time information through social networks like Twitter and Facebook,” said Massie.

Masie indicated that most transactions, including banking services, shopping and entertainment would be conducted online and in real time through social containers. He predicts that Facebook will become the largest financial institute in the world as the phone will become a more transaction aggregating tool.

Massie said businesses should invest in new technology since it evolves at a rapid rate, cementing the need to open up technological infrastructures and create ecosystems within organisations.

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