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Mugabe indeed has a reason to fear

I REFER to your front page headline “Mugabe fears Nato attack” (Zimbabwe Independent, February 3). President Robert Mugabe has good reason to fear an attack and not for the reasons that he gives. None of those reasons given by the president are really relevant.
Even a cursory study of many of the books of the Bible tells a similar and recurring story; every time the people backslide, pursued their own evil agendas despite many warnings to repent, they would face judgment.

This regime has presided over Gukuruhundi, Operation Murumbatsvina and the oppression, murder and torture of all perceived enemies? As a result we have been fighting, hating and killing each other.

The antics of the party that claims to have liberated Zimbabwe are deeply concerning and heart breaking.

The sad truth about men like Muammar Gaddafi, and many others of his ilk, is that they fell under a terrible judgment.

A leader that is godly, just, honest and fair would have nothing to fear from his people or from the Natos of this world.

The warning to our leaders is that when God decides it is time to move His hand in judgment noone –– even the AU –– can stop Him.

It would be prudent for our leaders to read the story of Belshazzar, the king of what man thought was an invincible and mighty Babylon.

He went too far with his excesses and in one night the mighty king of the Chaldeans fell, was slain and Darius the Mede was handed the kingdom.
To him who has ears, let him hear.

N M,

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