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How the GNU has performed

PRIME Minister Morgan Tsvangirai provided his own assessment of the Global Political Agreement (GPA) and Government of National Unity (GNU) in a letter written to President Robert Mugabe on February 5. Below is an edited version of the letter.

In 2008, we entered into an agreement which amongst other things sought to achieve two broad objectives.

(a) Restoration of economic stability

(b) Restoration of peace, stability and implementation of democratic reforms including a new constitution.
The pursuance of the above broad objectives were intended to prepare the country for a fresh election, which is free, fair, credible and respects the will of the people.

Progress and challenges

Restoration of economic stability: We have largely restored basic services although more work is needed. We have recorded modest growth rates. Our industrial capacity utilisation is improving although we still face challenges of liquidity in the economy and access to credit lines.

Sanctions and measures

The parties to the GPA agreed that all measures must be removed. Sadc on its part has been engaging the EU and the US without success.
Government Work Programme (GWP)

There remains a disturbing trend where some ministers and in particular Zanu PF ministers are not attending the Council of Ministers, thereby derailing the implementation of the GWP. This trend, Mr President, if allowed to continue, will make this government totally dysfunctional.

The Land Commission

Cabinet in 2011 mandated the Minister of Lands and Rural Resettlement to recommend to the principals and cabinet persons fit for appointment to the Land Audit Commission which will be given the task of undertaking the land audit.

May I implore you to urge the minister to comply with cabinet decisions.

Violent acts

Your Excellency up until the tripartite meeting of the parties and government, there was tension in the country with reported incidences of violence in urban areas, some of which occurred in our parliament building. Whilst the perpetrators of these acts of violence are known, both the Attorney-General and the police are yet to act. May I implore you to urge the police to act.

Disruption of PM’s Government Programmes

This happens nowhere in the world where a Prime Minister is treated like a common criminal. May I implore you to instruct the police to respect members of the Executive in the discharge of their duties.

Arrest of ministers

During the period under review, two cabinet ministers from my party namely Hon Elton Mangoma the Minister of Energy, and Hon Jameson Timba the Minister of State in my office were arrested on flimsy charges which our courts threw out. May I implore you to instruct the police not to be overzealous in the discharge of their duties and to be sensitive to the fragility of our transition.

Attorney-General’s office

A professionally managed and fully equipped Attorney General’s office is a key ingredient of our stability. May I implore you to urge the minister to gazette the bill.

Appointment/ promotion of Service Chiefs

Your Excellency, I believe you are aware that our amended constitution requires that all appointments that you have to do under the constitution or any act of parliament have to be done in consultation with the Prime Minister.

Implementation of democratic reforms

Constitution reform process: The constitution-making process is at drafting stage as you are aware. It is important that you and I ensure this process continues with minimum disruptions so that we can proceed to a referendum in the shortest period of time and thereby prepare the next phase which calls for the realignment of some of our laws which might be in conflict with the new supreme law.

Media reforms: Reforms that we have agreed to as principals have failed to take off. May I implore you to urge the minister to comply with all our directives.
Election roadmap issues

(i) Free political activity

(ii) Realignment of security sector.

(iii) State intelligence service.

(iv) Professionalisation of ZEC staff.

(v) Amendment of Section 121 of the Criminal Code.

Finally, Your Excellency, time is not on our side as we move towards the next election. Let us give momentum to our agreement by facilitating the creation of an enabling environment for our people to exercise their right to choose their leaders freely and fairly.

Morgan Tsvangirai

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