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Editor’s Memo: The Dark Tale of Zesa’s Collapse

Independence changed all that, especially with the integration of the ex-combatants into the ranks of the Zimbabwe Republic Police. The relations between the police and the general public improved and the police were respected. This respect is gradually being lost. In fact, the police are now resented by the public for many reasons.

The way the police set up road blocks is one such reason.  At one time I saw four road blocks on a 10 km stretch of the road. 

Added to that, the police take their time to talk to commuter omnibus conductors unmindful of the inconvenience they cause to passengers. 

In spite of the roadblocks, many not so roadworthy cars are able to pass through. The police will be focusing mainly on the commuter omnibuses. It is also generally known that the police highway patrols are given monetary targets to reach per day.

If this is true the question then would be whether the police are now a money-making department? I am sure there are government departments that are better placed to generate revenue than the police.

Another area of concern is that of illegal vendors. The police shouldhave a transparent system of arresting vendors and confiscating their goods. Where possible these things must be returned or given to the state in a transparent manner. But word has it that the police, on their way home, raid these vendors and take the goods home.

A professional police service is important for the well-being of society.


Shepherd Mvundura,

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