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We need an inquiry on violence

WE should allow the AU and Sadc to rest in peace. They have too much on their plate already: Egypt, Tunisia, Somalia and the lot!

Instead we should focus on the Commissioner-General of the police and his men. Are they doing their work to curb violence?  If the answer is no, then the top cop must be impeached, should a suitable inquiry finger him as the culprit. The Prime Minister owes it to his battered and much abused constituency, and indeed to his tarnished reputation to call for an independent inquiry to clear his name and identify the true culprits behind the savagery.



They should ascertain whether the Commissioner-General and his men are discharging their constitutional mandate without fear or favour.

We are sick and tired of this senseless inter-party violence. The inquiry should be the answer to curbing politically sponsored violence in our society.


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