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Rogue police should be exposed

I WOULD like to thank co-Home Affairs minister Theresa Makone for her candidness. In an interview on SW Radio Africa she explained that the hands of the co-Home Affairs ministers are tied because according to the Police Act, Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri reports to President Robert Mugabe.

While Mugabe publicly said he talks peace but is not listened to, we all know that he was not telling the truth. If Mugabe told the police to arrest perpetrators of violence, all the violence engulfing the country would end instantaneously. Mugabe is actually letting the police do things the way they are because he thinks what the police are doing will help entrench his stay in power. I think he is fooling himself!
Come the next election he should be gone, and in my opinion, should be answerable to the crimes he has committed against humanity by unleashing his thugs against peace loving Zimbabweans, and then telling the police to, instead, arrest the victims when they turn up to report the crimes.
Police officers should report their colleagues who are abusing their authority by punishing the victims instead of arresting the culprits to the ministers’ offices. This will ensure that the rogue elements in the police force are identified. I think this is still an option in these extraordinary circumstances which opponents to Zanu PF find themselves in.
I am sure the professionals within the police force will come forward and report their corrupt, Zanunised colleagues who should be flushed out of the system. I know this for a fact because I have a relative in the police force, and another in the army who have told me that they are sick and tired of being used for the selfish benefit of politicians, and would blow the whistle if they had the channel to do so without risking their lives.

Kennedy Kaitano,
New Zealand.

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